Monday, September 23, 2013

Michigan Monday: Checks in on the Big Ten

Michigan is down a few spots in the polls: 18 in the Coaches, 17 in the AP.   They keep winning by a few points and keep dropping down the rankings. 

What about the other teams in the Big Ten, how did they do?


OSU won by 76 points.   I guess they are the best team in the Big Ten.  It would be nice to see them play someone with a pulse.

Northwestern beat Maine and right now seems to be a pretty good team.

Wisconsin should be un-defeated but they are not.   Still they are the only team with one Big Ten win so far.


Minnesota is doing their regular non-big ten season thing and won again.
Iowa put a ton of points on Western Michigan
Penn State shut out Kent State
Nebraska beat South Dakota State

Not a good weekend for the Michigan schools.  Both were on the road and neither team played well.
MSU pretty much gave the game away to ND with some strange offensive calls and stupid penalties.  Michigan, well you know that one but at least they found a way to win.

Purdue has already 1 loss in Big Ten play now
Indiana didn't get their hallmark win and got blown out by Missouri.

Still more questions then answers for most of the Big Ten teams going into the Big Ten season next week.   We start off with a very good game next weekend between Wisconsin and OSU.

Not too much news out of Schembechler Hall since the team got in at 4:00AM on Sunday.  I'm betting Coach Hoke's press conference will be interesting today.  More to come......................

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