Monday, September 9, 2013

Michigan Monday: Still Happy Happy

The high from Saturday night is still pumping through my veins as I'm sure it is with you.   I don't know about you, but I had trouble getting to sleep on Saturday night.   Slept well last night for sure!  Bring on Terry Bowden, Jim Tressel and the Akron Zips!

After a poor first weekend how did the Big Ten do in week 2?


IU couldn't handle Navy's offense
MSU still looking for an offense to match a good D
Purdue beat a really bad Indiana State team by 6 and now has ND

Wisconsin pitches another shut out against a poor opponent
Iowa got a win over Missouri State
Minnesota double up New Mexico State
Penn State beat up Eastern Michigan

Michigan win over ND
OSU and Nebraska finally blew out teams
Northwestern continues to impress but its clear Syracuse is down this year
Illinois had a very nice win at home against Cincinnati

A better weekend for the Big Ten over week one.   Let's hope they continue to have strong outings against the non-conference opponents.

  • I hope to have more Mr. Hand visit reaction on Tuesday.  I can't imagine that he left Ann Arbor without being impressed on what he saw on Saturday night.

  • Greg Robinson is back as a DC!  Texas defense was so terrible against BYU on Saturday night they fired their DC and promoted Greg Robinson.   Good luck with that decision.

  • Michigan is now ranked #11 by the AP and #15 by the coaches

  • Hopefully Michigan escaped the game without too many injuries.  We should know more after Coach Hoke's presser today.

  • Junior Hemingway got his first NFL catch which was for a TD for Kansas City.  Denard had 2 carries for 1 yard and the Jags scored 2 total points.

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