Monday, September 16, 2013

Michigan Monday: We All Got Bruises

The Big 10 took a big perception hit this past weekend and our Wolverines were one of the teams that didn't help the cause.   Let's do a quick run down of the Big Ten before we discuss the Wolverines. 


MSU finally scored some points, 55 in fact.  Yes, it was against Youngstown State but it's a start.
Iowa beat instate rival Iowa State - They are the King of the Corn!
OSU looked impressive beating a CAL team on the road.


Northwestern handled WMU at home
The health of Minnesota's head coach Jerry Kill is more of a concern then their win over Western Illinois.

Penn State lost to UCF at home
Illinois lost to Washington at home
Michigan beat Akron on a goal line stop
UCLA beat Nebraska in Lincoln
Purdue started well but lost to ND at home
Arizona State beat Wisconsin on a strange ending

The B1g Ten went 1-5 in big games on Saturday and almost made national headlines with a huge upset of Michigan.  Not a good weekend for the conference at all. 


Player reaction after the win/felt like a loss to Akron:

Taylor Lewan: "I don't know about disrespect. I think Akron came out and fought hard. Like we said before, we didn't prepare as a team. That is truly embarrassing for Michigan that we came out like that. It's not fair to the fans, it's not fair to the people who are associated with this program. It's not fair to the freshmen on this team who aren't playing. This is the seniors' fault. This is the captains' fault. We will not come out like this again."

DG on Pressure:  "It's something I deal with well usually. I wasn't myself today. I can't really say much else. You know, pressure doesn't bother me, but they got to me today, and I made a lot of bad decisions. I probably played my worst game ever. It won't happen again."

On Wake UP call:  "You guys can call it what you want, but we're going to respond. That's what we talked about all summer. Responding to adversity. This is the probably the most adverse situation we could be in. We almost lost to Akron. No disrespect to Akron, but we almost lost after coming out and having a great win last week in front of the whole world, and we come out and almost blow it. It's majority me. I would have been sick if we didn't have a chance to pursue our goals of a national championship and Big Ten championship because of the way I played today."

The common theme was that the team didn't prepare very well this week, due to a couple of hot days and not being motivated to play Akron after coming off the ND win.

  • Michigan at UConn is an 8:00 Kickoff on ABC.  They really must of had a hard time finding a good game to show, if their premier games are Purdue - ND and Michigan - UConn in back to back weeks.  UConn is 0-2 with loses to Towson and Maryland. 

Really? It seems the players weren't the only ones that didn't show up on Saturday.   First time since 2001 that the stadium wasn't filled to capacity.  Almost 3,000 people skipped the game.

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The Akron defenders couldn't let his teammate watch Devin run or the end of the game.  Photo thanks to Rivals.

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