Sunday, September 8, 2013

ND Post Game = Fingertips

(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Football sort of has a funny name.  The NFL is thinking about taking kick offs out of the game and extra points are pretty boring.   That would leave punts and field goals as the most important action where the foot actually impacts the game. 

Tonight's game was all about fingertips.  It happened early on ND's first TD when a tipped ball goes right to a ND WR, ironically the next big fingertip action was on Devin's mistake where ND's defensive end makes a fingertip catch to stay in the game, then the game was sealed by a fingertip, a knee and The Count's second interception of the day.  ND's DB's also had a few too many fingertips on the Michigan Wide Receivers.  The night ended with Devin's index finger raised to night September sky with 115,000 of his closest friends.

It was a nice win and a fun game to watch.   I really thought Big Al called a very good game.  He might of gotten a bit conservative in the second half but he realized quickly that wasn't going to win the game, so he went back to throwing the ball.

  • #98 Devin Gardner almost played the perfect game
  • Jeremy "freaking" Gallon was great
  • Big Al for the game plan
  • Fitz for running hard and ball protection
  • The Count for his first two picks
  • The bend don't break defense
  • The young Michigan OLine for doing their best against a top notch Dline
  • Winning the turnover battle
  • The Big House crowd
  • Devin made all his mistakes on one play, back peddling, running into the end zone, trying to throw it away. 
  • I wasn't a huge fan on Greg Mattison's game plan on defense, I thought more pressure on Rees would cause him to make mistakes.   Michigan needed more pass rush.  I know he was trying to protect Michigan's safeties but Rees had way too much time most of the night. 
  • Wile's shank punt after DG's TD pick was almost a game changer, Wile also had a couple bad kick offs after having some very good ones.
  • I like how they tried to get Funchess and Butt more looks, but we need something just a little different, they both are walking mismatches.
  • Looks like we got a bit fatigued late in the game on both sides of the ball.

It was a great win against a Rivalry opponent.  For the Michigan program, it's like passing the first gate on the long race which is the 12 -13 game season.

Key Stats:

Gardner was 21-of-33 for 294 yards, 82 yards on the ground
Gallon caught eight passes for 184 yards
Tommy Rees was 29-of-51 for 314 yards

Side Note:  I didn't see Avery in there at all and I suspect he isn't 100% yet.

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Scott K said...

1. What would last year have looked like if Big Al called games for Denard, like he did for Devon?
2. Who could have EVER thought Big Al could call a better game than Matti?
3. Devon was so upset with himself after that series of brain farts on his ONE poor play, lets hope it never, EVER happens again.
4. I HATE the term 'bend but not break'. Lets just work on STOPPING someone!!
5. Go Blue, Two down, thirteen to go!