Friday, September 20, 2013

UConn Preview

Time: 8:00 PM
Location: Rentschler Field
Weather: Mid-high 60's 10% rain
TV: ABC Regional
Line:  Michigan -17.5

This has seemed like a very long week after that debacle last weekend.  Michigan can make everyone forget the Akron game with a good turnover free outing in Connecticut on Saturday night.  Being on semi-national TV, coming off the Akron letdown and a night game should wake up the Wolverines and get them to play some decent football.  

A couple unique facts for this game:  UConn expects over 42,000 fans which would be a record for the University.  That is like three sections at the Big House.   Michigan hasn't played in a stadium this small since they visited BC in 2007.    UConn's AD Warde Manuel played DB at Michigan in the 80's.  (Warde this is a better basketball game then a football game - give us a call for a home and home with the B-Ball Team, that was fun a few years ago and we are better now)

Tale of the Tape:

UConn's Running Game vs. Michigan's Dline = Michigan (UConn averages 57 yards rushing a game)
Devin Gardner ND vs. Devin Gardner Akron =  A Smarter Devin
Michigan Road Team vs. Michigan Home Team = Advantage UConn
Michigan's running game vs. UConn's DLine & LB = UConn
Night Game vs. Day Game = Push
Need a Win = Push

UConn has a decent DLine and LB Yawin Smallwood is leading the nation in tackles per game.   Michigan should still be able to run if they learned anything from last week.  If they didn't, UConn will try to steal the game by stopping Fitz. 

Both teams need a win as Michigan is coming off an embarrassing win against Akron and UConn is 0-2 on the season and their coach Paul Pasqualoni who is failing at UConn and failed at Syracuse is squarely on the hot seat.   Michigan doesn't play well on the road and UConn has nothing to lose, which could equal a closer game then expected.  

The only issue is that Michigan might of had their letdown game last week and traveling for the first time and now understanding the thin line between winning and losing should have them focused for the Huskies.

Sing Hail to the Victors if...............................
  • Devin protects the ball at all times
  • Fitz finds that 100 yard Mendoza line
  • Gallon has another big night game
  • Avery is back and playing well at CB
  • The defense has 3 sacks and gives up 1 TD
UCan't Stop the Huskies if...................
  • If they wear Akron's jerseys
  • They throw everything at the Wolverines and their not prepared
  • Michigan starts turning the ball over again and again
  • Michigan can't run the ball
  • The defense is bending and breaking

I expect some changes this week in the starting lineup.  I expect we will see more Willy Henry, Q Washington/Pewee on the D-line.  My gut tells me they don't mess too much with the offensive line unless there are some very bad breakdowns.  GMat has to figure out Michigan's defensive backfield.  Jarrod Wilson has been playing well but the "other CB" is getting killed when The Count moves to Nickel.  Avery could fill that role if he is healthy. 

It really comes down to which Devin Gardner shows up a 8:00 PM.   He has the ability to win or lose a game by himself.   If he stays clean with turnovers, Michigan should win by a nice margin.  If Fitz has trouble finding holes and Devin makes poor decision, this game could go down to the wire.  

Here are some hints if Gallon is double teamed:
  • Throw it to Dileo!
  • Throw it to a TE!
  • Nobody ever covers Fitz out of the backfield on passing downs
  • Run!
Lewan, Fitz and Gardner understand what happened last week and won't let it happen again.   Michigan has a bye next week and they don't want to think about a loss after a bad game for the next two weeks.   The Wolverines are focused and will play well.  Starters need work and will play the entire game.

Michigan 31 UConn 13



Scott K said...

i have to illusions that we're enroute to an undefeated season and a shot at the NC.... we CLEARLY aren't worth of that considering Akron. I also hope that we have no more Akron-like performances this season, not only because they were more painful than watching a cluckeye win, but games like that could tip the scales sending D'Hand to play for coach Satan in AL, rather than coming to A2!


Bob said...

The flip side of that is that Hand clearly sees we need a pass rush!

Scott K said...

AMEN to that....

when the zips lined up on the goal line, i was contemplating taking up golf seriously, so i had something to do on Saturday's from August to Nov. next year. 8-)