Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wolverine Wednesday: Will You See The Game This Weekend?

No matter where you live in the US, you pretty much have no issue seeing every Michigan game.   You just need the Big Ten Network, ESPN and ESPN 2.  Your covered right?

Not this weekend.   ABC is covering the game at 8:00 EST and splitting the national audience between Michigan vs. UConn and Kansas State vs. Texas.  Which means depending on where you live you could get a game with a defense coached by Greg Robinson instead of Greg Mattison. 

What about the reverse mirror?  If your Big Ten game isn't on ABC, it's on ESPN 2?  Since Michigan is on the road this week, this is an American Conference (formerly the Big East) game which doesn't have reverse mirror rights and ESPN2 is showing an Alabama game that starts at 7:00.

So what can you do?  Before yesterday, pretty much nothing.  Then ESPN wised up and put both 8:00 games on the Watch ESPN app.   Normally, they don't put ABC games on Watch ESPN/ESPN 3 channel this week they are.   So hopefully you have access through your cable company.   If you normally don't watch ESPN on the internet, this is a free service if you have cable subscription, you just need your cable log in and you have ESPN on your tablet or PC.   It also looks like the Michigan - UConn game will now be on ESPN Game Plan, which means you might be able to pay a fee to watch the game if your local ABC is showing the other game.  

The Good Greg DC Presser was yesterday and I bulleted below some important topics you might be interested in:

  • The DLine has to do a better job winning the 1 on 1's to get more pass rush
  • He hasn't been playing Q and Pewee much at Nose because they are looking for faster guys to rush the passer.  They are more run stoppers. 
  • Feels The Count is doing a good job at Nickel and will keep him there.   The 3rd CB will come in and cover his spot at CB.    (Not sure I understand why you take your best cover guy and put him in the Nickel on passing downs.  It seems to me you would keep him a CB lock down the #1 WR and put a younger guy in the Nickel spot)
  • That 3rd CB continues to change with last week going to Delonte Hollowell and Jourdan Lewis, week one it was Stribling.   GMat is going to the play the best CB that practiced that week.
  • Ross didn't start last week due to his lack of focus in practice.
  • Should see Avery this week, wanted to wait until he was 100%
  • Terry Richardson needs to get stronger physically before he plays
  • Wilson and Beyer have been practicing well and that's why they are playing well in games.
  • As a good coach does, GMat is saying the lack of pass rush is on him not the kids he is teaching how to do it.


Dave G said...

I saw that defense by the other Greg all ready last week.

umvictortoronto said...

Terry Richardson is a candidate to transfer out. It is pretty clear he will not play at Michigan.

Big35Hurt said...

As far as I was concerned, Richardson was never going to play significantly at Michigan. He's too small and light. The guy was like 150 lbs his Sr year of HS.