Saturday, October 12, 2013

I Just Don't Understand

Being a Michigan fan sometimes just isn't fair.  We win our fair share of games we probably shouldn't.  We also tend to lose in dramatic fashion as well.   We have too many App. State's and Colorado's to go around.   Below are some frantic thoughts that are in my mind right now:

Tonight, I had a hard time watching this game.   What was that?  Our reliable kicker misses 3 game winning field goals?  How in the hell do you have 3 game winning field goal chances in one game and miss all 3? 

Is it possible that ESPN can stop using audio from the IMG Penn State Radio network for their play by play and color commenters?   Matt Millen should not be on TV,  he ruined the Lions and now we have to listen to his homer color commentary for nearly 4 1/2 hours.   I know ESPN has basically been demoting him ever since they signed him, but now is the time to get him off the air for good.   I'm sure the PSU radio network would hire him.

I also don't understand Big Al.  Devin was picking apart Penn State in the second half and at the end of the game and in over time we decided to basically run into a brick wall 90% of the time.

Memo to Big AL:  Everybody knows you want to run the ball, everyone knows.   The offensive line is not good enough to beat 8-9 man fronts.   Do something different.  Try to win a football game.  I would rather lose a game with Devin throwing passes then running the ball for 2 total yards on first and second down.    You got completely out coached in the first half.


The final TD by Penn State looked like a Vegas Cirque du Soleil performance where the Michigan performers would jump up to catch the ball but magically the guy behind them catches it.    I feel like I need to pay someone $250 for a couple of tickets for that circus act.  

Nothing went right tonight, Michigan even gave up it's final chance to redshirt Shane Morris, when Devin's helmet came off.   Not to mention, Michigan's best player on offense could have an injury that might keep him out awhile. 

I'm getting tired of using the young excuse over and over.  When are we going to have a veteran team that doesn't play down to the competition?   You want to know how Indiana and UCF can beat this team when we can't?  Michigan doesn't play to win in game like this ever.   They get up by 10 points in the 4th and say lets try to run the clock out.  Those teams play like they have nothing to lose, just like Penn State did tonight.    Teams are not going to lay down for the Wolverines any longer.   Everybody in Schembechler Hall needs to understand that.   When Carr lost to App. State and RR came in and lost to everybody, that distinction is gone and won't be back until Michigan becomes "Alabama" like.   Michigan has to play to win every game or a Penn State with 60 scholarships or a AkConn is going to beat the Wolverines.    This is not our fathers Wolverines and we need to stop thinking they are. 


Steve Boggs said...

AMEN to this blog. I totally agree. It is beyond frustrating to watch Brady Hoke and Al Borges play not to lose. This game was over. But Hoke would not put them away. Its Carr and Tressel all over again... Only with much less talent. I'm just being realistic here... I don't see a team left on the schedule that we can beat playing this. HOKE is in year 3 and I see backward progress. Could be another 5 loss season. This was his worst coached game yet.. Score a TD and it was over on 2 occasions... Wouldn't even try!

JQP said...

There is no "young excuse," so don't use it. Penn State had a freshman qb -- no "young excuse" there.

The only excuse you can give is the "bad coach" excuse. Hoke, et al, sucks. After three years, a talented coach would be fielding much, much better teams.

Big35Hurt said...

I'm as frustrated as everyone. But in OT, if we would have thrown the ball, and if Devin would have turned it over, the critics would have said "why would you risk it when Gardner leads the world in turnovers, especially with a good kicker?" I can see that approach for the 1st OT possession, but once it was pretty clear that Gibbons was having an off day, then we really needed to open it up a bit.
Let's also place some blame on Mattison's D (or lack there of). Ok, so we turned it over in our end twice. Well, how about we stop someone and hold them to a FG!? The bottom line is that the OLine SUCKS. There, I said it!!! We've all been thinking it for WEEKS. The middle 3 guys don't move the pile at all. Matter of fact, they pretty much ALWAYS allow penetration. We couldn't even keep frickin UCONN from living in our backfield. If I was Fournette watching this game there's no way I would even take a visit. What an embarrassment. 80 yards in less than 30 seconds with no timeouts........really Brady? really?

P.S.- The ref that threw that last flag deserves to be locked in a cell with Sandusky and a big bottle of lube! There's no frickin way that you can throw a flag on a play like that in the 4th OT. That was a total joke.

Big35Hurt said...

Outback Bowl here we come!
It's kinda BS that Neb & lil sista don't play Ohio this year.....

David LaFleur said...


misterpage said...

Very disappointed as I'm sure everyone is. The play calling is utterly ridiculous. Running Fitz into a brick wall 90% of the game. Our O Line can't move ANYONE! AND THEY ALL KNOW IT!!! But Al continues to run that stupid ass stretch play. I just don't even know what to think about this team anymore. Borges seems incompetent and Hoke is right behind him. Not to mention our D gives up 80 yards to a freshman qb in about 30 seconds. I was really looking forward to this season and this team but at this point we might not win another game this year. MSU and NW are going to smoke us if we keep this up. I don't even wanna think about ohio. Feeling like shit!

Hendrik Olsson said...

When are people gonna realize that Fitz sucks! Fine the oline has been playing bad but please create something on your own. Its not illegal to run on the outside even if the play is designed to go in the middle.

dude1984 said...

I had to take my time to gather my thoughts…

The job of the head coach is to oversee everything…the personnel, the play calling, etc. Hoke is not doing this. He stands around like a spectator. Hoke needs to be more involved and demand accountability from everybody including himself. Outside of himself, Hoke needs to answer for Borges’s insanity, why GMatt has gone from a blitz every other play philosophy to rush 3 or 4 and play zone, and why Fitz hasn’t been benched yet (outside of a 12 and an 8 yard run, he rushed 25 times for 7 yards, he isn’t playing with the fearlessness he had before his injuries)…

Both coordinators need to stop playing to not lose and get more aggressive. On D, that obviously means more blitzing. If they want to protect against the run then delay the blitzes. They cannot sit back and wait for the opponent to make mistakes. They need to create turnovers.

The real issues are on offense. They have talent. Borges needs to properly use it. They have 4 above average WRs (Funchess, Gallon, Dileo, and Chesson), a dynamic athlete (Norfleet), and Gardner's legs. They need to spread the field and throw the rock to one of the WRs, screens, end arounds, and quick slants to Norfleet, and run Gardner to open up the running game for the RBs. I have zero faith in Borges to make these types of changes.

Fitz should no longer be the default running back. Take away the 12 yard run and you get 26 attempts for 15 yards!!! It gets even worse…take away an 8 yard run in the 4thand he had 25 attempts for 7 yards…I don't care how bad the OL is. That is beyond pathetic. Green looks out of shape (about 10-15 pounds overweight), slow, and hesitant. I wonder what happened to Thomas Rawls?

Scott K said...

Bob, you basically said what i've been feeling for..... years.

This is on the coaches, all on the coaches. The 'young' thing doesn't work, not when a true freshman QB beat us. Wake up calls, REALLY???? how many do we need?
Al Borges needs to retire Bo's playbook... Run, Run, Pass only works if you gain yards running. We need to open up the running game by moving the damn chains! Al and Brady managed to make Denard look mediocre to bad, now they're doing the same to Devon.
Lets try starting out with some short slants, quick patters, bootleg plays... lets move the chains and use high percentage plays to get Devon into a rhythm and build his confidence... while moving the damn chains and backing the D up a step to give our O-line a chance when we do run.
In the same way RR needed to be held to account for greg robinson's epic failure at fielding a defense, Brady needs to be held to account for big al's painfully inept play calling. Gardner should have the productivity of (i so hate to say this) terrell pryor, without the free tats... get him outside the pocket and let him use that long stride to pick up 8 to 15 yards when there isn't an open receiver.
We simply don't have a team good enough to beat MSU and ohio, not by anything they've shown thus far.. We didn't deserve a win Saturday, and we didn't deserve a win vs the zips or the husky's...
Something needs to change, in a big way. Since Mo we haven't had a coach that motivated the team for EVER game..