Monday, October 7, 2013

Michigan Monday: Catches Up on The Big Ten Results and BBall Recruiting

Let's do a quick re-cap of the Big Ten Up and Downs and then catch up on some basketball recruiting information from last week and this weekend.


Ohio State:  Has won back to back big games.   Northwestern looked like a team ready to pull off an upset.  OSU seemed to have 1/2 the stadium full of it's own fans and pulled out the game late.

Indiana: Got it's first win ever over Penn State.

Michigan State: Nice road win over Iowa


Michigan:  Won a game they should have
Nebraska: Won a game they should have
Wisconsin:  Bye
Northwestern:  Maybe the Big Ten's #2 team right now


Penn State: Got blown out by Indiana
Iowa:  Home loss
Purdue:  Didn't lose this weekend (bye)
Minnesota:  Has issues on and off the field
Illinois:  Not back yet as they lose to Nebraska on the road

Side note:  Rutgers beat SMU in triple OT and Maryland got embarrassed by FSU 63-0.
The OSU win helps Michigan in the Legends division, Northwestern goes to Wisconsin on Saturday and still has to travel to Nebraska and Iowa.  They host Michigan and MSU at home.    OSU has a cake walk until they hit Ann Arbor. 

Basketball Recruiting Heating Up

Last week Michigan Basketball got a commitment from small forward Kameron Chatman who is 6'7 and a 4 star player to all the services.  He seems like a Glen Robinson type of player, who is still growing into his body and could use a few pounds.  He is athletic, a good rebounder and has a nice mid-range jumper.   Since he has had a recent growth spurt he has good ball skills.   Kameron is a 2014 class recruit, which leaves three more open spots for the class.

With only a few spots left, DJ Wilson jumped on board yesterday.   DJ is a 6'9 small forward with a sweet shooting stroke and a nice upside.  He had a back injury which held him out of the AAU circuit and kept him as a 3 star prospect.  We know Beilein's recruiting eye and DJ seems like a good kid, has nice range and very coachable.   Most recruiting guys think he has a Tayshaun Prince type of game.  He is a bit under the radar with his injury but sounds like his could take his game to the next level with some coaching and good health.  

The rest of the class might come down to only a few players,  SG James Blackmon Jr. and SG Devin Booker are expected to have decisions soon and both will probably choose between Michigan and Kentucky.   Most expect one player to choose UK and the other U of M.   The other prospect the Michigan coaching staff might move on is combo forward Jonah Bolden.  He is from Australia and a 6'8 combo forward playing his senior year in the US.   It seems Beilein likes his game but Michigan just got two similar commitments this week, so they might consider "banking" the last scholarship if they land either Blackmon or Booker. 

  • Michigan is 16 in the Coaches and 19 in the AP this week.

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Scott K said...

I sure hope the second half of Saturday's game is the 'New Michigan'... cuz Lord knows the first half looked too much like the previous two games (although not as bad).