Monday, October 28, 2013

Michigan Monday: State Week and Big Ten Up and Downs

The Golden Gophers helped the Wolverines a bit on Saturday as they beat Nebraska at home.   That was the good news for the Wolverines.   The bad was:

OSU 63 Penn State 14:  The game was over in the 1st quarter.  Not good. 

MSU 42 Illinois 3:  MSU is full of confidence when the offense plays well.

UCF 62  UCONN 21:  Really? 

The Michigan coaches better find some magic during this bye week or this could be a very painful next month. 

Big Ten Weekend in Review

Ohio State = Obvious
Minnesota is showing a ton of life are their loss to the Wolverines
MSU is playing boring football, just like Dantonio likes. 
Iowa is playing well right now.

Indiana bye week
Wisconsin also had a bye
Purdue didn't lose this week, that's a positive!

Michigan didn't play but that win by OSU is embarrassing to the Michigan program
Northwestern is completely off track
Illinois got embarrassed at home
Penn State won't win many games away from Happy Valley
Nebraska looks like a program that needs a coaching change

State Week

I think MSU's game plan for Saturday is very obvious.   On offense, State will dink and dunk for first downs and time possession.  They will take their shots down field to try to hit big pass play over the top of the Michigan secondary, but they will run the ball and throw 5-7 yard passes.   They believe their defense will keep any team under 21 points and their offense will score just enough.   Dantonio will also have some trick play like a fake punt or field goal.   They will make sure Cook doesn't win or lose the game for them. 

Big Al has plenty of work to do this week. 

Tec is clearly looking forward to this week, while enjoying the World Series.


Scott K said...

Lets just hope that most of what we've seen this year was actually an illusion..... yeah, an illusion. The real Michigan team, Team 134, is going to run onto the field on Saturday and play the kind of football we've been expecting. Maybe we'll see an entire game that looks like those flashes of great football that we've seen a few glimpses of this season.

Yeah, an adjustment, some focus, some fundamentally solid football can make some pretty tough Saturday from the first half of the season, seem as far in the past as the RR era...

Go Blue!

David LaFleur said...

I hope everything falls in place also & everything before this was just everything before this enough said. I want this game bad, bad like I want to blow them out wave goodbye to EL crowd & go home. Unfortunately State has a similar team as us just in different ways & this game to me is a toss up. I pray Borgess brings his A+ gameplan.Gonna be a good one @ 330pm Nov 2 2013. Go Blue

Bob said...

FYI: Nebraska is now a 3:30 kick off

maize n blue blood said...

If we are going to be the Michigan of old then we have to get our running backs on track and this starts with the offensive line that STINKS. We are relying on our QB to do all the dirty work when it should be our running backs.

If we are gonna survive the rest of our schedule and preserve Devin, then we need to have a good run game. Funk is killing us and Hoke knows, but will not do anything about it. This is nerve wracking.

Al Borges has shown he can open a playbook and be successful if need be, so he gets a pass until he starts playing conservative or something else dumb.

My whole intent is to push for the dismissal / termination of our o-line coach funk, who is doing a way below average job.

FIRE FUNK and watch our running backs look great again.