Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Michigan Tuesday: Changes Coming

Brady Hoke spoke yesterday and it seems there are some changes coming to both sides of the ball.
The rumor mill is spinning that the offensive line starters have already changed. 

Expect that Glasgow will move to center and Chris Bryant will take his guard spot.   The issue here is Bryant being able to stay healthy.  We have heard good things about him for over a year but he can't seem to stay healthy enough to get any real playing time.  

The odd man out here is Jack Miller, who has done a very good job snapping the ball, but not such a good job keeping the oppositions nose guard out of the backfield.  

Jake Ryan is now practicing, which is a good sign.  I'm still worried about him coming back too early and I don't expect we will see him this weekend against the Golden Gophers. 

Hoke also mentioned that DaMario Jones is a guy that is going to play more.  He has been working on special teams right now and we might see him line up more at WR.   I think that would be positive. 

Green is expected to get more carries this week to take the load off of Fitz.  I would like to see more of a third down back in the game.   My vote is for Justice Hayes to play the "Reggie Bush" role like the Lions are using him.   I would prefer to see a few more screens and maybe looking for the RB out of the backfield more on 3rd downs. 

  • Does the Kiffin firing help Michigan with recruiting?  Not really, it does take one California school off JuJu Smith's table, but he was probably going to attend school out of state anyway.

  • Remember IL DB Parrker Westphal he is down to MSU, Northwestern and Vandy now.  Michigan cooled on him sometime ago.   Just sounds like a limited number of spots thing and he taking his sweet time for a decision.

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