Saturday, October 5, 2013

Minnesota Post Game

John T. Greilick / The Detroit News
Nothing is easy, but today was better.  The first half felt very similar to AkConn as it seemed Michigan only had the ball a couple times.   Minnesota had a long drive on the Michigan defense by running the ball and throwing it to TE Maxx Williams.  I'm pretty sure Maxx had all the receiving yards for the Golden Gophers today.  Minnesota wasn't supposed to be able to run the ball and they did for most of the first half on the Michigan defense.  Greg Mattison figured out their plan and held the  Golden Gophers to just field goals the rest of the way.

Things were much better in the second half as the Wolverines scored 28 points by a nice balance of running and passing (and a pick 6 from The Count).  The biggest item was that Devin was steady and didn't turn the ball over.   You could see his confidence growing with each completed pass and some of his last throws, were his best.   I am so happy he introduced himself to the walking miss-match Devin Funchess.   The jug continues to live in its home in Ann Arbor


  • DG for staying "clean" for the first time in his career
  • I thought Cam Gordon played a good game, the defensive needs his athleticism
  • Funchess had a career game with 7 catches and 151 yards
  • Lewan dominated as usual
  • Bryant and Glasgow played well in their new roles on the OLine
  • Fitz and Green ran hard
  • The Michigan WR's had a nice game and made some nice grabs
  • Blacks forced fumble started off the game the right way

  • Not sure I understand our kickoff strategy?
  • I hope Pewee is ok, I hope it's not an ACL
  • The tackling was poor in the first half
  • I also don't like a poor rushing team, running the ball down the field for most of the first quarter for a TD
  • Still had trouble getting QB pressure from our front 4
  • Michigan also had a few QB protection issues

It was nice to see a game go that way it should have, but for me it didn't seem Michigan got it's swagger back before the third quarter.   I liked the coaches came out of they bye week, with some changes.  Justice Hayes lined up in the slot a couple times and Cam Gordon was out there on defense. It was also very clear DG was looking to get the ball to other targets.  I would like to see Michigan put these games away much earlier but hopefully that is just a sign of a young team. 

It was a good win and a nice start to the Big Ten season.   Watching OSU and Northwestern, Michigan has plenty to work on this week in practice as they travel to Happy Valley next week.

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