Saturday, October 19, 2013

Too Much Tape

John T. Greilick / The Detroit News

I don't particularly enjoy games like the one we just witnessed.   Because is shows we can move the ball against a terrible defense and it provides all Michigan's future opponents even more game film on how to beat the Wolverines. 

I take my hat off the Devin Gardner and Jeremy Gallon, those two were phenomenal tonight.  It's funny, Gallon dropped two catchable balls early and probably should of had 400 yards receiving.   It seemed like Devin and Jeremy could have hooked up on pretty much any play.   Congratulations to both guys on record breaking performances. 

"This space is reserved for Big AL bashing"  Not today, Big Al realized he could have pretty much anything he wanted in the air and continued to move the ball and score points.   The best call of the day was the 3rd down throw to Funchess with 2:00 minutes left.  That is the difference between winning a game vs. hoping to.   Well done today AL. 

  • Michigan's entire offense
  • Devin 584 yards of offense, Jeremy 369 yards receiving
  • Fitz ran hard and was a huge factor
  • Thomas Gordon was having a very quiet year, before the 4th quarter

  • With AkConn, Penn State and today's game there is way too much tape on how to beat the Wolverines
  • Michigan's defense for 47 points and 572 yards
  • Still no pass rush, what the hell is going on here?
  • Two costly turnovers by the Michigan offense in the second half
  • Gibbons low kicks is a problem, he better get Kornblue on the phone ASAP
  • Norfleet made some bone head return decisions
  • Stribling has some type of "air" interceptions going

I don't want to "rain" on this win, but I'm very concerned how we are playing right now.  The offense is what I expected today, I didn't expect that the IU offense would have pretty much everything they wanted in the second half.   If it wasn't for the two bad decisions by the Indiana QB's, I'm not sure Michigan leaves the Big House with a win. 

This team continues to have a ton of things to work on if they have any hope left of getting to Indy.  


Big35Hurt said...

It's VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY apparent that Channing Stribling should ABSOLUTELY NOT be on the field right now. Jourdan Lewis hasn't shown that he's ready yet either. What ever happened to Terry Richardson? There's just no way he can be worse than a guy like Stribling.....

Also, Kyle Bosch had a VERY good game today. I'd like to see a lot more of him.

maize n blue blood said...

Yes, it was too much tape, but I enjoyed our offense today. It irks me cause this is some of the offense we should have saw last week. There should be no exuses going forward about offense. We have 3 bonified threats on offense and a few servicable players. If we can get another wide out invovled with this offense then we are well on our way.

For the defense. It looked like denard was playing for IU.
But we survived that now lets move on.

Sparty is up next. Go Blue!!!

Squashman said...

I don't think this is good football. We could easily lose the rest of our games. The tackling today was terrible. I still think the offensive line is poor. Indiana's defense reminds me of ours in2010. This feels exactly like the team we had with rRichRod in 2010. We beat Illinois to get bowl eligible and then the bottom fell out. I don't think our coaches are doing a very good job . I am tired of hearing about our youth. Coach them up. Others coaches are getting more out of their teams with less talent . Could be a long cold November .

maize n blue blood said...

Our conditioning should be better to run contain offenses like this.

If we would have used half the plays we used in this game vs Penn state then we would be undefeated. AB has to open up the playbook down the stretch to keep defenses honest.

As far as coaching goes, "FIRE DARELL FUNK" our online coach. Its better online coaches out there than Funk.

We need another offensive weapon to take the pressure off Mr. Gallon & Mt. Funchess (I know I called him Mountain).

Last thing keep Devin in the pocket. He is more effective.

Scott K said...

.... some will say a win is a win, personally, we've had too many wins this year that didn't look like wins.
is that a Greg Mattison defense, or Greg Robinson defense?

Finding a way to win is a great trait, but NEEDING to find a way to win against teams like Akron, UConn and Indiana isn't a positive thing.

Another bye week... Unless we play our best game of the year, sparty will have a party on 11/2.