Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wolverine Wednesday: Calls For Corproate Sponsors For Michigan Players

There are many theories right now on how to compensate players who play on big revenue generating sports like football and basketball at major universities.   I support a model that gives each athlete a little bit of spending money (like $200 a month) with their scholarships.   I don't think you will ever be able to pay athletes across all sports, it just won't work. 

One plan I have heard was for each athlete to look for sponsorships to help them with the costs outside the classroom.  Which got me thinking, which current Michigan football players would be a good fit for a corporate sponsorship:

Potential Corporate Sponsor = Current Michigan Player

Miracle Grow = Devin Gardner  

Mio = Drew Dileo

Frito Lay's Funyuns = Devin Funchess

Windex = Brian Cleary

Wrangler Jeans = Jack Wangler

Got Milk? = Jeremy Gallon

Taco Bell = Too easy but Taco Charlton

Rosetta Stone = Fitzgerald Toussaint

Avery Labels = Courtney Avery

Janet Jacksons New CD = Jeremy Jackson

Ross Departments Stores = James Ross II

Star Fleet Trucking = Dennis Norfleet

Bell Labs = Russell Bellomy

Avenger's = Justice Hayes

Pogo Scrabble = Henry Poggi

Gordon's Food Service = Thomas Gordon and Cam Gordon

John Denver's Greatest Hits = Bo Dever

Gantt Charts = Allen Gant

Sesame Street = Blake Countess

Drake Hotels = Drake Johnson

Beach Boys = Jarrod Wilson

Honeywell Thermostats = Delonte Hollowell

You can prevent forest fires = Richard Ash

Indian Jones Movies = Royce Jenkins-Stone

AC/DC Back in Black = Jibrell Black

Bosch Audio = Kyle Bosch

NASDEQ = Brennen Beyer

Boudreaux's Butt Paste = Jake Butt

What did I miss?   List your favorite sponsor for a Michigan Football Player in the comments.


Scott K said...

Oh boy....this is up my alley!

Gideon International bibles, Gedeon

The Royal Family..... Dukes


9 lives cat food.... Shane Morris

Green Giant Veggies.... D. Green

Rawlings Sporting goods, T. Rawls

TnT Vanlines.... Logan Tuey-Tillman

U of M Marching band... Kugler
unless he xfers to ohio, then
Bugler rolling papers... Kugler

CarFax....Chris Fox

Bully Hill Wineries.. Khalid and Delano Hill...

Scotland.... Glasgow

Bryant heating... Bryant


Bob said...

Very nice!