Thursday, November 14, 2013

Big Ten Weekend Preview

The Big Ten knows what they are at this point and it's hard to even find a Big Ten game of the week, but we most move forward. 

Big Ten Game of the Week:

Michigan State at Nebraska:  What do these two teams have in common?  They both embarrassed the Wolverines is their last game.   The Cornhuskers are getting 6.5 points at home in this one.   As my embarrassing prediction of last week's Michigan game shows, I don't think highly of Nebraska at all which is an indictment of where Michigan's program is.   MSU 24 Nebraska 10

Purdue at Penn State:  What do you say about this game?  Purdue is terrible and Penn State plays better at home.  PSU is favored by 21.5, it won't be that much.   Penn State 28 Purdue 13

Indiana at Wisconsin:  Wisconsin and Michigan State are trying to save the Big Ten.  MSU will have a shot at OSU in the Big Ten championship game.   Wisconsin better not over look IU, which I don't expect they will.  The Badgers will run over the IU defense and is favored by -23.5.  Wisconsin 31 IU 17

Ohio State at Illinois:  OSU is favored by -33 on the road.  Wow!  OSU 51 Illinois 10 

It's mid November and the Big Ten has lines of 21.5, 23.5 and 33.  Not good.

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