Friday, November 22, 2013

Iowa Preview

Time: 12:00 EST
Location:  Iowa City
Weather: Sunny H:25, L:7
Line:  Michigan +6.5

The noon games are back!  For the last two games of the year and Michigan won't be favored in either game!  Fun Times!

Iowa is an improving team but they haven't beaten a good team all year.  Their losses include: MSU, OSU, Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.   All those teams are ranked so all of those loses were expected.  Their best win is over an 8-2 Minnesota team.   The Golden Gophers and Hawkeyes are running very close to the Big Ten's most improved team.  

Iowa has a pretty good defense and only gives up 19 points per game compared to the Wolverines who gives up 25.  Similar to the Wolverines, Iowa has trouble moving the ball on offense and scoring points.  They rank 43rd in rushing and 88th in passing yards.

Tale of the Tape

Can the two defenses play each other?  Push (it might provide more points)

Big Al game prep and play calling vs. Iowa D =  Iowa

Devin Gardner vs. Iowa pass rush =  A week of treatment

Brady Hoke vs. Road Games =   Pot Hole

There are situations where Michigan usually plays well:  like being at home, playing a MAC team and being able to run the ball with out much blocking from the O Line.  

There are situations where Michigan's usually struggles like:  being on the road, better coaches on the other sideline and playing a defense that pressures the QB and can tackle people.

Not a big mystery which one we have on Saturday is it?

Sing Hail to the Victors if..............................
  • Big Al is able to turn the pages of this play calling book
  • Devin has short term memory loss and remembers ND not Northwestern
  • Michigan running backs are able to get positive yards
  • Gallon and Funchess have huge days
  • The defense actually scores points:  fumble return or pick 6

Say at least we have the rest of Saturday to forget about this game if.......................
  • The Michigan Offense is the offense of the past 4 weeks
  • The Michigan defense doesn't pitch a shut out
  • The Iowa TE's have a ton of big catches
  • Shane Morris takes snaps

Iowa hasn't been a factor in the Big Ten for along time and Michigan still tried to hire their head coach two separate times.  Kirk Ferentz is one of the highest paid coaches in the Big Ten and he regularly gets 2-3 star recruits.   If you look at each team coming off the bus you would consider Michigan the favorite in this game.   The bottom line is Michigan is getting out coached in pretty much every game.  This team might be bowl eligible but they are playing terrible right now on offense.   It's probably even worse then RR's first two years, when he didn't have any offensive talent.   This team has a redshirt Jr. QB, two NFL quality Tackles, two quality WR's in Funchess and Gallon, three quality running backs and an OC that can't develop talent or develop a game plan. 
How the hell did we get in this mess? It's really sad.  Iowa isn't going to surprise the Wolverines they are just going to out physical and out coach them.

Michigan 9 Iowa 20

Go Blue!


David LaFleur said...

Man I hope we can get something good out of this game. Is Vodka Samm gonna be there?

Go Blue

tho0505 said...

I just read this really negative preview and it was completely and spot on. Michigan offensively and overall is getting outcoached each and every game they play. And it is completely sad. Its weird that a team with such talent (I dont care if they're young, which really isn't the case anymore) They get outplayed and outcoached each and every game.