Saturday, November 16, 2013

Like Pulling Teeth

John T. Greilick / The Detroit News
That was some offensive pillow fight wasn't it?  Until it wasn't.

This game remind me of a Michigan Iowa game that was played in a sleet storm some 15+ years ago.   Michigan found a little running game by putting Fitz on the bench and playing  two impressive freshman Green and Smith.   I was very concerned about a fumble from the two freshman in wet conditions, but to their credit they held on and played well.

Devin is shell shocked, he never took his eyes off his #1 target and probably should have thrown at least 3 picks that were dropped by Northwestern.   That sack he took on the last drive in regulation was completely ridiculous and just shows he is not thinking clearly. 

I do have to give the Wolverines credit they played hard in adverse weather conditions and suspect coaching to say the least.   The defense and special teams kept the Wolverines in the game.

I never thought Michigan was going to get that field goal off, thank you Northwestern for adding even another strange way to lose a ball game.

Here were my REALLY moments?

  • Northwestern is deep in their own territory and Michigan has them 3rd and 20.  Their running QB is under center and Michigan's D gives up 18 yards to him on a option look, in a game where field position is king.   The Michigan D was in a prevent pass formation.  He was not going to throw!

  • Going for it on 4 and 2 inside the 10 yard line.   I don't really mind going for it, but the 3rd  down call was a throw away.   The Gardner Boot was way too predictable and I don't believe he had a pass option.   You have to take the tie there, you really do.  Please tell me, Al had a pass option in there and Devin elected to run.

  • Big AL not turning the page of the play book.   He called the game like a 10 year old flag football game.  Well, that play worked, how about we try it 6 more times?

  • I'm 50/50 on the going for the 51 yard field goal in the first half.   Wile has the leg, but I think the field position was a better option at that point.

  • Kicking a field goal after the 7 yard punt is embarrassing

  • I thought Michigan was doomed after Gallon drops that perfect pass from Devin in OT for the winning score.

The Michigan Defense played a very good game but the offense is playing scared.   Big Al put in a few screens and three step drops but he continues to call a very predictable/vanilla game.   Sometimes you have to take some shots at big plays and someone needs to get in Devin's ear about throwing the ball away.    That throw to Butt for a TD looked like Devin was trying to pull it back.

A win is a win and something this team really needed after the disastrous past two weeks. 

We can all sleep a little better tonight!


Voice of Reason said...

There is usually a defining game for a young team (or a team that is young is all of the wrong place) where they'll gut out a win and the light of confidence clicks on and then they start to play like upper classmen. I really hope this is their game... we'll see next week.

Big35Hurt said...

Green and Smith. Welcome young men. Welcome.
Bosch, nice game. Lewan was burying people.
Gallon needs to catch that game winner. He did redeem himself with a great,and I really do mean GREAT block on Gardner's game winning run.
Solid defensive game by the entire defense. In all honesty, and despite the ridiculously bad offensive play this year, this team is 2 defensive stops away from being a 1 loss team. I chuckle to myself as I type that statement but it's really true. if Stribling times the pass vs penn st or if we hit a dang FG we win that one. If we get the stop we need on that last drive vs Nebraska then we are a 1 loss squad right now. Then again, on the flip side....we EASILY could have lost the Akron, NW, and UConn and we could be interviewing head coaches....LOL I have no expectations right now. All I can say is that I hope Dashawn Hand can buy Momma a nice new car with the fat envelope he received from Bama. We will be fine without him. GO BLUE!

Big35Hurt said...

PS- I feel bad for Pat Fitzgerald. One of the classiest guys in all of college football.

Joe La Belle said...

"Kicking a field goal after the 7 yard punt is embarrassing"
Embarrassing doesn't even say it best. That was just absolutely ridiculous.