Monday, November 4, 2013

Michigan Monday: Basketball Starts Soon!

I would assume the Big Ten would like to fast forward the football season right to the Championship Game and start basketball season as soon as possible.   I'm not sure Michigan fans have felt that way too often, but today I sure do. 


Ohio State and MSU Big Ten Championship Game


Minnesota continues to improve
Wisconsin is solid and looking like a Capital One invite
Nebraska needed a Hail Mary to beat Northwestern at home


Michigan's negative rushing against MSU
IU losing to Minnesota
Iowa got out played by Wisconsin
Penn State won in overtime against Illinois at home
Illinois continues its loss streak in the Big Ten
Purdue forgot to show up against OSU
Northwestern has dropped 5 in a row

  • Michigan Basketball has Wayne State at Crisler Tonight 7:00, BTN

I still don't have any answers for the way Michigan played on Saturday.   Hoke didn't either at his press conference after the game.  I'm sure we'll hear the same stuff today at his regular Monday presser.  There is zero excuse for this offense to play the way they did after two weeks to prepare.   That goes clearly to game plan and coaching.   Gardner, Fitz, Lewan and Gallon deserve better, they really do.  

The job for the coaches this week is to not let that game beat them two or three times.  This team is on the verge of going "Northwestern" and losing the rest of their games, if they don't change things soon.


Jer89 said...

Is it just me or are Hoke's press conference's all sound the same?

Quick question. If UM fires Borges who should UM go after? Cam Cameron?

Scott K said...

It would be great to have Cam Cameron back, but I doubt he'll leave LSU unless he's hired to replace Brady. I highly doubt he'd leave LSU's OC job to be U of M's OC.

uncle ron said...

Just to think ...Scott Loeffler was available.....

maize n blue blood said...

Borges is not the issue.

Funk with the dismal offensive line is hindering borges play calling. You can't run a offense if the o-line will not block.

So lets lay off of borges for a sec and get on darrell funk. If you fire borges and funk is still there then our problem still exists with the o-line.

Fire Funk

Jer89 said...

Funk has to go as well. I think Mallory has to go as well. And they need to hire a QB coach.

maize n blue blood said...

scott is a great qb coach, but borges has that role. hoke needs to poll new o-line coaches. He needs to find someone who is next level. We have become a farm house for great o-linemen again, but hoke has to pick the right man for the job and that will be one of the pieces to put MICHIGAN back together again

Scott K said...

This season is going to CRUSH our future recruiting. It's hard to imagine D'Shawn Hand looking at Alabama and Michigan and saying, "yeah, I want to be a part of what's happening in A2".

If we were playing well and losing good games, that's one thing, but playing shitty and barely scraping by the teams we beat, and playing as poorly as we did saturday....
sad, scary and sad.

Dan Oliverius said...

To our Michigan Brethren: Things are not always as bad as they somthimes may seem. You have great fan support, a storied program, good coaching, and great athletes. Sometimes in sports, things go in cycles. It's a crazy game. The Cornhuskers have great respect for the Wolverines. Don't give up on this year, yet. Lot's of football yet to be played. Win out and beat the Buckeyes and the sting of the recent setbacks will fade in memory. Wish you all the best in your upcoming games. With respect -- Cornhusker Nation.