Monday, November 25, 2013

Michigan Monday: Not Good Enough

First off, the basketball team probably played as poorly as they could yesterday and still almost pulled out a win in the Championship Game.  If not for an air ball miss on a layup by a Charlotte player that was such a bad shot that he could get the rebound, Michigan probably pulls the game out.   Still it was hard to watch all the missed jump shots and little to no attempt to get our All American in the low post some touches.   This team needs plenty of coaching and will get better. 

Now to the team that is not getting better, whose rival is coming to town this week, is nearly a two touchdown favorite, hired the best college coach on the market and hasn't lost a game in two years.    

I have been on the Al Borges must go train for about a year 1/2.  It seems most of the media has finally caught up with that idea.   Let me ask you something?  Where would Brady Hoke be right now if he didn't bring Greg Mattison to Michigan?  Think about it for a second. 

OSU took it's lumps for a year and went out and hired a national championship coach.   After the Rich Rod experiment failed, Michigan went out and hired it's former defensive line coach that had some decent teams in the MAC and the Mountain West.  That MAC/MWC coach also brought his OC that had failed at 8 other programs.   Would he even been a candidate if he hadn't coached in Ann Arbor?  I think not. 

Big Al must go and he shouldn't make it another week in his job.   Why fire him before the bowl game?  Because you let the world know that Michigan's OC job is open and you can really look for qualified candidates.   I 100% believe Michigan missed out on Jim Harbaugh because Brandon let RR coach the disaster which was the Gator Bowl.

Funk's head is probably on the line as well, but I think you keep him until a new OC is hired.  I think you bring in a new OC and he decides if Funk is quality coach or not.    The OL needs to get to work during the two weeks of bowl prep and they need a coach leading that effort. 

I don't think Brandon is ready to run Hoke even after what looks to be a very bad outcome on Saturday.   Borges must go, he has to.   If Hoke decides to stand by his OC, then it's time to send him back to a non-BCS school.   The Hoke/Borges combo won't last another 12 months in Ann Arbor.  That is for sure.

Here is an excerpt from a BHB reader Chuck left in the comments:

Borges is out as Auburn offensive coordinator
Posted by Phillip Marshall, The Huntsville Times December 11, 2007 12:26 AM
Categories: Football

Two seasons of offensive struggles have cost Al Borges his job as Auburn's offensive coordinator.

Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville told Borges last week of his decision to make a change. Borges has already left the Auburn staff and will not coach against Clemson in the Chick-fil-A Bowl on Dec. 31. There has been no official announcement from Auburn, but that will come soon. It is uncertain when Tuberville will name a replacement or who will coordinate the offense in the bowl game.

In going 8-4 in the regular season, Auburn scored two or fewer touchdowns in six of eight Southeastern Conference games and finished 101st out of 119 Division I-A teams with an average of 298.3 yards per game.

Wow, this sounds familiar.   Note the date when Tommy fired Big Al.


Jeff Williams said...

At least with RR there was hope that we could win during the Denard days. I can't ever, ever, ever, ever remember going into the OSU game with absolutely zero hope for a win. I am just wishing for an outcome that does not end in pure embarrassment for us. I keep going back to the question I ask would we be doing right now if we had the MSU coaching staff or the OSU coaching staff?

David LaFleur said...

Borges has to go its enough already flat out & forget about the 2 other coaching staffs you said forget them just think if we had Jim Harbaugh here but we dont so lets hope Hoke can coach his best game come This Saturday & give Urban his 1st loss.

Scott K said...

Brady will be 'disappointed' if Michigan fans sell their tickets to fans from that school down south. Yeah? Really Brady? Well maybe the fans have been more than a little disappointed in you, your poor game planning and the utter failure of your coaching staff.... Feel the disappointment buddy, join our world!