Thursday, November 7, 2013

Michigan Thursday: Injury Updates

Per Brady Hoke's presser yesterday:

Devin’s status physically? Has his leadership been tested?
“Oh I think all the leadership is always tested when you have adversity. He did a great job yesterday. Sore? Yeah. But every guy in the game of football across America who’s playing is going to be sore. He went out and attacked the day.”

Status of Keith Heitzman and Drew Dileo?
“Yeah they both practiced yesterday and they’ll both play Saturday.”

How’s Taco Charlton progressing?
“Okay. Making progress. Day by day making progress.”

Has Russell Bellomy been able to do anything in practice?
“No. Not yet. He does a little bit of what we do on Sundays, and the rest of the time is rehab.”

That is about the value of a press conference, injury updates.  AJ Williams will be dressed but not sure he will play.

  • Hand's last visit is to Florida this weekend.   Most believe it to be a race between Michigan and Alabama at this point.  It seems it will come down to Bama with the better program at this point vs. Michigan with the better academics.   We are just a week away from his announcement. 

  • I guess JuJu Smith dropped Michigan due to the MSU loss.   Which shows how serious he was in coming to Ann Arbor.

  • In other news, Brady Hoke makes over $4M a year and ranks #2 in the Big Ten. Mark Dantonio makes less then $2M a year which makes him the 9th highest paid coach in the Big Ten.   Purdue and Wisconsin's new head coaches make more then Dantonio. 

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