Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Michigan Tuesday: Coach Speak But Lips Don't Move

I don't know about you, but I would like to see a little fire out Brady Hoke.   I would like to see him get in the offensive line's face or yell at an official for a questionable call.   How about a little emotion after his team gets embarrassed in East Lansing last weekend?

Brady spoke yesterday and said very little.  Highlights include:

  • Devin continues to be banged up but should practice today
  • Dileo is questionable
  • AJ Williams is back
  • DeVeon Smith seem to be in the dog house and did not travel last week
  • The RB's have to protect better
  • Hoke believes that Lewan won't be suspended
  • The OL is young and didn't react well during the game

The Michigan Basketball Team won last night over Wayne State by 19 points.   They open the regular season on Friday night against UMass - Lowell, no TV available. 

  • Juju Smith cancels his Michigan visit for the OSU game.  He was a reach even with the visit.  Most expect him to stay in California. 

  • Michigan at Northwestern at 3:30 EST on BTN.  This think this game was slated for primetime but both teams have fallen out of the rankings.


maize n blue blood said...

Hoke doesn't half to show emotion for us to feel better. He must change the negative outlook / results on the field. If we were winning, which we have not lately, his demeanor would not be an issue.

It's all about the wins especially in these big games. That is all we want. Great player development. All these things equal a great team. Hoke should make a change and hopefully soon on the o-line, FIRE FUNK, and find someone who can develop these young men to have them ready to compete at the highest level


Scott K said...

I don't disagree with firing funk, but Jesus.... Borges needs to be shown the door as well. If the reason we have no offense is because of the line, shouldn't the OC be all over it?
When we can march down the field on two possessions, because we are running plays that work with despite poor o-line performance and a tough defense, why do we ONLY do that twice in the game?

When a baseball manager needs to fire up his team, he gets tossed, hockey coaches throw and enforcer out on the ice to drop the gloves.. Something needs to be done to move the needle. Brady's monotone, vanilla press conferences aren't cutting it. We aren't winning, if we were there would be no reason to shake SOMETHING up.... so show us somethings going to change, get pissed...
Fire Funk, and have him take Borges with him...

maize n blue blood said...

In practices skill positions practice separate from o-line. Yes Borges calls the plays, but funk is the o-linetech unique He, funk, is suppose to teach fundamentals and technique and if those things are taught correctly then the blocking scheme will work well, but it does not.

I was not impressed when I looked up funks bio. I don't see any o-linemen in the league under his training and that to me carries some weight.

Give Borges another year with a different o-line coach, FIRE funk 1st

maize n blue blood said...

Maybe we can get Andy Moeller, son of Gary Moeller, Ravens asst o-line coach ex-michigan man, to replace funk. That NFL experience will go a long way for our offensive line.


Bob said...

Love that suggestion Maize n blue. That could be a nice hire. How about a QB coach guys? Do you think we need one?

uncle ron said...

I will repeat again Scott Loeffler.....

maize n blue blood said...

I was hoping for Scott in the beginning, but Hoke said AB covers this. Do you think he will leave Virginia Tech if Hoke called?