Friday, November 15, 2013

Northwestern Preview

Time: 3:30 EST
Location: Evanston, IL
Weather:  55, 80% Rain
Line:  Michigan +2.5

This season has sucked the life right out of me.  Can you imagine what Brady Hoke and Pat Fitzgerald feel like?  Michigan played one good game against ND this season and has pretty much looked just awful since.  Northwestern were a couple of plays away from handing Urban Meyer his first loss and now has gone 0-5 in the Big Ten.  The Wildcats haven't even qualified for a bowl yet and they are favored over the Wolverines.   What does that say about our beloved program right now?

There is no reason to do a Tale of the Tape this week.  Both teams are playing poorly, both teams have injuries and both teams will sell their mothers for a win. 

Sing Hail to the Victors if.........................
  • If you still can watch a Michigan game with out weeping
  • The offensive line at least gets in the way of blitzing Wildcats
  • Devin has a ton of quick throws
  • Michigan's defense scores a couple of times
  • The rain causes the Wildcats offense to struggle

Start to wonder what The Wolverines want on their Pizza Pizza Bowl if..............
  • Michigan has negative rushing yards again
  • Big Al still hasn't learned anything from the last two weeks
  • Michigan's defense can't stop the Wildcats spread offense
  • Michigan remembers they are on the road and lays down

This is a match up of the last place teams in the Legends Division.   It's going to be ugly conditions,in the mid 50's and rainy.   The Wildcats are trying to get a win this week and at least one more against MSU or Illinois.    They are not going to score on MSU's defense which leaves this week as a must win if they want to go to a bowl game.  

Michigan on the other hand is in a huge tailspin.  They have lost the last 3 out 4 games and absolutely have zero answers for teams that blitz Devin Gardner.   The offense line can't block anyone and Michigan's OC can't seem to run plays that penalize the defense for their aggressive nature.   Michigan's defense is pretty good, but their weakness is against spread teams that like to light up the scoreboard (see IU game).   Brady Hoke has a terrible road record at Michigan and we don't expect that to change his week.  

Michigan didn't show up last week at home and now they head out on the road for back to back weeks.    This isn't going to end well.   For your health, you might want to take your wife out shopping and get an early dinner instead of watching this game.   If Michigan has any chance of winning the defense needs to score and probably twice!

Northwestern 28  Michigan 12  

Wake me up when November ends.


M go Clean said...

The offense will be ill prepared (only have a limited non functional game plan).
There will be no offensive contingencies.
There will be no audibles no matter what the NW D gives.
There will be no adjustments if/when things go bad.
There will be no RB's pulling off their block for a quick outlet pass if things go wrong.
We will allow the NW D to stack the box both through our formation and due to the fact that we won't take advantage of what the give us on the outside.
Any RunOptionRead will be run wrong by scheme.
We will not play the last minute and a half of the 1st half because Borges has to that man some depends so we can play an entire half!
M's clock management will be abysmal.

I feel so sorry for our players it's as if they are sent out to fight against a modern army with only musket's.

David LaFleur said...

Wow yea our Oline is in shambles but like Desmond said on gameday the oc at mich is getting paid big time money he said there highest paid oc in the country & all you can put up is 3 points going into the 4th Q. Michigan is unreal never thought I would say this oh man i just watched another fucking long play action fake & they flung gardneer around like a rag doll tell BORGEESSSSS to fucking leave tonight put his fat ass in lake michigan