Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wake Me Up When November Ends

Illegal Use of Hand:

How can you blame the kid?   Schembechler Hall just went from a 3 alarm fire to a 4 alarm fire. 

Engineering Schools ranked by US News and Reports:  #7 U of M, #112 Alabama. 

This wasn't an academic decision, it was a national championship decision.  How can you blame him?

This is how I felt when Michigan Basketball was trying to rebuild and was losing kids regularly to Duke.  

His recruitment was over when Saban showed Da'Shawn the trophy case.  "Here are the last two National Championships, here is the space for this year's National Championship"  Did you happen to watch that game in Dallas against Michigan last year?"   Recruitment Over.

Tackles for Loss Allowed:

Worst in the county:  #123 Michigan with a 9.11 yard average
(HT to Mgoblog)

Former Baltimore Raven Defensive Coordinators

The last 3 are Rex Ryan, Greg Mattison and Chuck Pagano.

Rex is the head coach of the NY Jets
Chuck is the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts
Greg is the head coach defensive coordinator of the Michigan Wolverines.  Is the right person in charge of Michigan's program?

AL Borges

Has been an OC at 8 different schools before coming to A2.

 Portland State (OC)
 Boise State (OC)
 Oregon (OC)
 California (OC)
 Indiana (OC)
 Auburn (OC)
 San Diego State (OC)

His longest time was at Portland State for 6 years.   He lasts a couple years at a program and then is shown the door.   BTW:  Is this the type of coach that should be at Michigan?  A guy that has failed at being an OC at 8 other schools?  Does this show experience or a track record of failure?

Now what?

offered 2014 Sugar Land TX RB Vic Enwere (Cal commit) & 2014 Berrien Springs MI DE JhonnyWilliams (Mizzou commit) this afternoon.
Both players are ranked 3 stars by Rivals. 

Wake me up when November ends. 


posty55 said...

Bang on Bob...I guess u liked what I had to say a few hours ago....again it's all about question to u us about our other recruits...I worry that all the work we have done in OHIO...all the recruits we have commited from OHIO I worry will slowly trickle to the *uck eye state...please put my worries to ease...thanx George

Bob said...

I agree, if this season turns to 6-6 the 2014 class could start losing guys. A key example is that Michigan just offered two 3 star guys for the 2014 class now.

maize n blue blood said...

When Hoke looks in the mirror is he happy with what he has done for the young men at Michigan. My opinion: He can't be. His loyalty is to these under performing position coaches is costing in all aspects of the game.
Sad but true, hoke doesn't think changes should be made to his staff.

We will always be behind the eight ball with hoke running MICHIGAN like this. We need a General, Hoke acts like a lieutenant.

Until it happens i will always say FIRE FUNK

M go Clean said...

Michigan Game planning on O is pathetic, M is just plain not prepared:

The game planning is terrible

There are no contingencies.

M does not build off of plays.

Michigan is incapable of adjustments during a game (other than OSU 2012 when they did the exact wrong thing.

Obvious audible situations to "no brainer" plays are not utilized.

The O Line is not in sync with the O.

The strength / toughness of the O Line is questionable.

Al needs to go for so many reasons! He obviously doesn't work well with the QB coach (hmmm), or the O line coach.
A QB coach is absolutely required....One who works well with the OC!!! (not possible with Borges). The O Line coach also must be questioned, but given the benefit of the doubt given that it's probably not possible to work well with the OC. The strengh and conditioning program also must be questioned when other teams with walkon's and freshman seem to "blow out" M's highly rated recruits.

maize n blue blood said...

Scott loeffler is getting high marks at Virginia Tech.

Brady has to be the field general and make these changes or he will be pushed down to a lieutenant for another team.

I measure coaches by if they can put players in the league / NFL.
Funk hasn't.
Borges has from San Diego state and Aurburn
Hoke has
Mattison ...... we know that answer.
Jackson has
And to me this says a lot about your coaching staff.

Fire Funk