Thursday, December 19, 2013

Michigan Thursday: Recruiting Dead Period

The recruiting dead/quiet period started on Monday.   The NCAA allows recruits to take some time off from recruiting during this time.  It runs for a month from December 16th to January 15.   Here is what the coaches can and can't do during this time:


  • No official visits
  • No coaches face to face visits (in home, at school or even if the recruit comes to a bowl practice)
  • Can't watch the players compete
  • Tickets to the bowl game 
  • No hundred dollar hand shakes
  • Can't take delivery of  a new Lexus
  • No UPS packages full of 20 dollar bills
  • Emails and written letters to recruits
  • One phone call a week
  • Recruit can call the coaches any time and as much as they like
  • Un-official visits but can't meet with the coaches
This is why you have your recruits pretty much locked up before Monday, because you have very limited time before signing day after the dead period.

  • Does David Brandon have a man crush on Jerry Jones or what?  Michigan will play Florida in Dallas again in 2017.  It will be their first game of the year on September 2nd.   I just don't understand these games and I believe it really hurts season ticket holders.   I would much rather see a home/home contract with the Gators.  

  • Trey Burke had his best night as a pro last night, scoring 30 against the Magic.

  • Stanford upset #10 UConn last night.  They play Michigan on Saturday night in Brooklyn.   Great time for the Cardinal to get hot.

  • Mark Dantonio could be a candidate for the Texas job and would 100% take it if offered but until then he will say things like this:  "I see Michigan State as a destination, not a stop," Dantonio said. "That's how I see it. Flattering, but that's how I see it."

  • Arkansas State hires UNC OC Blake Anderson as their new head coach.  This is their 5th head coach in 5 years.  This seems to be a great stop if you want a high profile job next year.   The last three coaches have gone on to head coaching jobs at Ole Miss, Auburn, and Boise State.


Scott K said...

Recruiting players is off limits, but Offensive Coordinators can still be actively recruited, I HOPE.


Chuck Carnahan said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed on that one!!!

1UM_Fan said...

All I want for Christmas is a new OC. I'll take a bowl game win too.


Scott K said...

The Bleacher Report had an interesting article about Don Treadwell being the ideal replacement for Big Al.
It's pretty funny to imagine a former MSU coach, heading up the Michigan's offense...
The article makes a pretty good case, if anyone is inclined to, feel free to email it to Mr. Brandon, Brady and whomever else might NEED to read it.