Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Michigan Tuesday: News and Notes

  • Remember recruit Pharaoh Brown?  He was the guy that tested the Michigan no visit policy and visited Oregon.  Well, he just got suspended by The Ducks for his role in a snowball fight that got out of hand, was recorded, and went viral.

  • Devin Gardner entered the Michigan Football Banquet on crutches.  I hope it's something where he will be ready in 18 days for the BWW Bowl. 

  • There are rumors already that Mack Brown is out at Texas.  Let the fun with Nick Saban begin!

  • Michigan Basketball is no longer ranked and will get to host the new #1 team in the country Arizona on Saturday.  

  • Jadeveon Clowney gets a speeding ticket going 110 MPH.  Former Michigan RB Vincent Smith was not injured in this event.

  • Here is what the players will get at the BWW Game:  Trip to the gift suite; Fossil watch; Ogio Cube backpack.  There is a total price limit so the players have to choose which "gift" they choose.  No Chicken Wings?


uncle ron said...

Hey Thanks Bob for the info on Nathan Brink....thats really to bad.

Bob said...

My pleasure! It was too bad, I hope he earned a scholarship at some point.

Jer89 said...

If Mack Brown is out at Texas and Saban does not take the job then look for Urban Meyers name to come up.

Scott K said...

urban won't coach anywhere else, unless he's fired by ohio for some reason. ohio is his destination job. satan won't leave bama either, but he's not above using texas to get a bigger paycheck from bama. in my opinion.

Bob said...

If Texas pulls out $10M a year, I think Urban thinks about it.