Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Michigan Tuesday: No Changes and Recruiting Updates

Brady Hoke told a group at a charity outing yesterday that his entire staff will be back next year and so will Devin Gardner.   This isn't a huge surprise and potentially not 100% true either.  I would assume, if you are going to fire someone you don't announce it to the media or a group of fans first.   Hoke will meet with Brandon after the year to discuss Hoke and his staff's job performance.   There won't be any official decision until that meeting takes place.   Since Michigan found some offense on Saturday, I expect Big Al at least to make it to a bowl game.  If Michigan had lost 42-6, I think he might have been interviewing realtors this week.

I also expected Devin to come back.  This year was a carnival ride for him and he needs a really consistent season to set him up for the NFL.   A few fans had suggested he could go to another school and not sit out a year.  Devin loves Michigan and I don't expect he is going anywhere. 

  • Peppers update:  Jabrill Peppers shocked everyone last week saying he wanted to take visits to protect himself if Hoke was fired.   I think the performance on Saturday and David Brandon's long vote of confidence went a long way of convincing Jabrill of standing firm on his commitment.   Jabrill was actively tweeting during the game and supporting the Wolverines.  His team plays in the State Championship this weekend and he is planning a visit to Ann Arbor on the 13th before the quiet period starts.  So his opportunities to visit other schools is limited to after the all star games.   I expect Michigan to convince him not to take any other visits, because if he does he can no longer be considered a Michigan commit due to policy.   Hoke can't bend his policy for Peppers if he wants the policy to stick for future recruits.

  • Michigan lost out on a 2015 DT recruit with a great name Hjalte Froholdt who is actually playing in Denmark this year to Arkansas of all places. 

  • Is recruiting over all ready?  In a move that seems very strange to me, it looks like the Michigan coaches have only one more player left on their 2014 class radar in Malik McDowell.   There is two months left in the recruiting process (yes, plenty of quiet periods during that time) and it seems Michigan could attract a couple more high profile players.   It seems the Hand loss caught the coaches way off guard.  

  • If your wondering about Erick Smith and Marshon Lattimore from Glenville.  Most expect the two to choose between Alabama and Ohio State.

  • Michigan at Duke tonight! I hope Nik's ankle is better and he is ready to go.  


Big35Hurt said...

Do you think that there's any chance that Hand could De-Commit from Bama and that we could have another shot at him? Do you think the Michigan coaches are still in the background actively trying to pry him away?

It looks to me like the safety position might be a thin going forward. Are we 100% sure that Peppers will play CB? or is there a chance he plays FS?

uncle ron said...

Hey Big35Hurt I was thinking the same thing about Hand....man why do I have that feeling?
Also what has happened to Nathan Brink?

Jer89 said...

What about that RB from Texas is he still visiting?

Big35Hurt said...

Man, that would be great if we can flip him....