Sunday, December 1, 2013

Not So Instant Analysis

I watched the game on Saturday night when I got home.   Here are my thoughts:

  • Devin is nails:  He is clearly not healthy and put on show and did everything he could to win the game. 
  • Big Al had a good day, minus the final call of the day. 
  • It was nice to see the offense executing for the first time in probably a month
  • They finally started to throw the ball to Butt and Gallon continued his strong play with 175 yards through the air.
  • The defense was disappointing and couldn't seem to stop anything that OSU was throwing at them.   I figured OSU would have a decent day running but nothing like (nearly)400 yards.
  • 41 points should be enough points to win any game

Why I don't agree with the two point conversion:

I know many have supported it, even Taylor Lewan and the seniors.   Most of the analysts on ESPN liked the decision but not the play call.
  1. The call was not for the win.  There was 32 seconds left on the clock.  If Wile kicks it in the end zone, OSU gets it on the 25 and has two pass plays from field goal range.  If OSU is tied, they probably wouldn't gamble on passing the ball and would play for OT.  If OSU is behind, they have to push the issue.
  2. The common thinking is play for the win on the road, play for OT at home.
  3. Funny things happen in OT, a turnover or missed field goal, could lead to a Michigan win.
  4. I would have supported the idea if Devin wasn't hobbled and could have been a running and passing threat.
  5. Too much pressure to put on the kids for one play
  6. Very poor play call.  There doesn't seem to be enough room for that stacked WR play at the goal line.
I'm glad the team competed and showed a ton of fight but the bottom line is OSU is a game away from going to National Championship game and Michigan is probably headed to Gator or Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl.   

Is Michigan on the right track?  I don't know, this offense can put up these type of numbers against Ohio State but not Penn State, Nebraska and Iowa.    A losing record in the Big Ten this year, when the league is so down is unacceptable. 

There continues to be more questions then answers with a program who has lost 9 out of 10 games to OSU.    This certainly isn't the apex for the program that continues to struggle to get back to the days of Big Ten Championships and will get to watch it's two biggest rivals play in Indy next Saturday.   

You may call is whining, I call it a huge disappointment.


4wolverines said...

You are obviously a passionate fan...I think you are on target with Borges as it has been frutrating to watch the playcalling this season. I think you have to stretch the field more to open up better holes for the run game. I know Chesson is raw but thought we should be taking more deep shots this season to get the defense back. However, you should be more patient with this is going to payoff in the long run.

Big35Hurt said...

FYI, the call WAS for all intensive purposes "for the win".....OSU was out of timeouts, let's figure the kick would have been out of the end zone like every other kick going in that direction all game. That would have left OSU basically 2 plays to go about 50 yards and then convert a long FG. Well, unless our defense transformed into Notre Dame's defense, I don't think that would happen.

Let's look at the bright side.....well, the less dim side (LOL).....we have a ton of very young players getting playing time. It has really cost us THIS YEAR. But those same young players are going to benefit in years to come. Just off the top of my head....Stribbling's failure to defend the deep ball vs Penn St cost us that game, the young interior of the OLine cost us the Sparty & Huskers game, Jourdan Lewis was basically "toast" every time he stepped on the field. Darboh's injury really hurt our downfield passing game.

As I reflect further, it's pretty clear that Borges needs to go and if anyone thinks otherwise they're smoking crack. Let's see if Hoke has the stones to make that call.....

PS- I think the biggest mistake of the year was the burning of Morris' redshirt for no good reason at all.