Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wolverine Wednesday: Michigan Drops One to Duke

Michigan was clearly over their tips last night.   The young Wolverines were on national TV in one of the most famous college basketball venues in America.   Nik was locked down on defense and everyone else struggled to find the basket.   

I thought Michigan's defense wasn't too bad but Michigan must find away to score points when they are not making 3's (or shooting them!).  Beiliein's challenge is to find a way to get McGary involved in the low post, now that everyone knows his name.    I liked the effort last night and the way college basketball is designed, because this game was an investment for the Big Ten season and March Madness.   A loss today could equal a win in Bloomington or East Lansing later in the year.

  • ESPN is predicting a Michigan vs. Georgia Gator Bowl or "in what could have been" bowl.

  • Trey Burke still has ice in his veins!  I hope people notice him in Utah.

  • What is the deal with Ohio State and Florida schools in the BCS National Title game?  2002 season against Miami, 2006 season against Florida, and one game away from Florida State.   Thank goodness the BCS is dead after this year.

  • Jim Mora is staying at UCLA with a new 6 year deal after UW came knocking.   Former UCLA OC Al Borges is available if UW is interested. 

  • John Feinstein takes Urban Meyer to task.   I loved this quote from the piece:  The most dangerous con-men are the ones who are the best at what they do. Former Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams once described one of his peers as, “the most dangerous man in college basketball today.”   Why was he so dangerous?  “Because he’s a good guy, a fun guy to be around, he’s really smart, he’s charming and he’s a hell of a coach,” Williams said. “And he’s a complete crook.” 


Big35Hurt said...

Who did Gary Williams say that about? Just wondering...

Scott K said...

Coach B has been great, the one struggle his teams have ALWAYS had, was living and dying by the 3pt shot. With guys like Morgan, Horford and Big Mitch in the pain, we should be able to score when the shooters are cold. Hopefully we figure that out soon.... Scoring in the paint will make those shooters that much more deadly when they are on as well, drawing the D in to the key.
At lease Duke is ranked, we didn't lose to some unranked NC team... yuk yuk...

Anonymous said...

Guard play in college ball is critical and the lack of chemistry is certainly showing up. Injuries coupled with a freshman point guard will make them inconsistent. Hopefully they can come together before B1G play begins, otherwise, I won't be surprised if they finish 5th in the league. It will be interesting to see if Levert plays any point guard in the future.