Friday, July 3, 2015

Michigan Friday: Waits For Fireworks

So the Cowherd situation is over and we have a holiday weekend on tap.   There still could be some news today at 2:00, as Camden, NJ 4 star WR Brad Hawkins is going to announce his school of choice.  24/7 Crystal Ball predictions has Michigan at 81%.

Update: Brad is Blue!

  • If your interested in a Nike Opening run down, check out this article.

  • There are some "rumblings" that Warde Manuel will be the next AD, replacing Jim Hackett sometime this summer.  Warde played DT at Michigan from 1986-1989 and has been the AD at Buffalo and is currently the AD at UConn.  Sounds like a solid choice if the rumors are correct.

  • Freep Alert! Adidas is planning to build a US factory in Detroit.  "We can bring manufacturing back to Detroit, and that's where we want to be in 2017," said Eric Liedtke, Adidas executive board member for global brands, said in a statement provided by the company.  Side Note: If Adidas does bring jobs to Michigan/Detroit will it be hard for U of M to switch to Nike?   I'm sure this isn't a play to win the U of M contract but it does give the decision another layer.

Enjoy the holiday everyone! 


Scott Winar said...

Voice of reason: You made some valid, interesting points on your analysis od the interview ( do we need to elevate this to status of interview-gate?) I am with you 100 per cent, that the disrespect of disconnecting Harbaugh is uncalled for, and "gross" if it's a free-bee interview.
My judgement is that this should be settled in a court of law. If football final was still in session... Mark May could represent Harbaugh, and Lou Holtz could be for Coherd (or whatever). The trial would be "did Coherd have the right to disconnect Harbaugh, or was it blatant disrespect". I believe Mark May would have won, and Lou would have thrown his traditional temper tamtrum.
Sadly, this is not to be because the court will no longer be in session.(my only reason to watch that show.)
Perhaps Judge Judy could take the case to trial, but Coherd could have the judgement thrown out (if unfavorable to him), because it's a known fact harbaugh is a big fan of Judge Judy and that might influence the verdict.

Voice of Reason said...

Scott: It would seem as though more people are talking about Colin Cowherd now than before. It's good press for him and his show, and if it weren't for Cowherd's antics, I wouldn't have given CC a second thought. I also couldn't care less if Harbaugh never did another radio interview (except to WTKA and other Wolverine media of course)...and therefore, after today, for me CC will return to the state of anonymity where he belongs. IMHO!!! Go Blue!!!