Monday, July 20, 2015

Michigan Monday: Pewee to TT and Ticket Sales Are UP

Ondre Pipkins announced on Friday that he is heading to Texas Tech to play.   He has not graduated so he will have to sit out a year, which is probably the best for his health.   This is another missed year for Pipkins who has had a very hard time getting on the field in his Michigan career.  

We wish Pewee the best of luck on the filed but mostly off with his health!

Michigan now has an extra scholarship for this year which they will probably use on a deserving walk-on.  I assume getting another graduate transfer is not possible this point and who knows maybe the coaches knew he was transferring for sometime and used his spot on already.

  • Michigan Season Ticket Sales are now heading North, instead of where they were heading after last years poor season.  Reports are there are 90,000 season tickets sold and both MSU and OSU is sold out.  So the Harabugh factor has increased interest in the program.  I would expect close to sell outs for Oregon State (first game in the Big House for Jimmy) and BYU if Michigan plays well early in the year. 

  • One of Coach B's targets PG Cassius Winston is playing well at a Nike camp this weekend.

  • Devin Bush's father who was also a recruited athlete discusses what his son is looking for:  “He wants to play with guys that are going to have a lot of passion, that are going to want to fly around and get to the ball and get there in an angry fashion, and play an aggressive style of defense,” the elder Bush stated.  “Be around a great defensive mind and play some great football.  That’s one of the things that is going to be important to him.  A lot of these schools… all are a great educational institutions and they’re going to (provide) a good education.  All these schools are designed to do that.  So he’s going to look at who can develop him more as a player and his relationship with the coach, the type of defensive scheme they’re going to play and how he is going to fit into it and the players around him.  It is really going to come down to that.”

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