Thursday, July 2, 2015

Michigan Thursday: Can't Listen To a Clunker

Jimmy went on the Colin Cowherd show yesterday and it was one of the worst interviews I have ever heard.   Cowherd was his usual self but Jimmy wasn't in the mood for an interview and it was very hard to listen to.   Listen at your own risk

A couple of thoughts on why it was a disaster:

  • Jimmy clearly is or isn't in the mood for these type of interviews, the people close to him should gauge that and make the decision to do it or cancel it.   I hear he was very engaging the night before at the Tigers game.

  • Cowherd starts the interview in comparing Jimmy to one of his hated rivals Pete Carroll.  That is not a way to start an interview with Jim Harbaugh.

  • Cowherd starts with a stupid question, before even saying hello, strike two.

  • Strike three was a very poorly phased question that the "Big Ten was a buy", what he meant was a league on the rise - like buying a stock, not a bye week.  I was confused when I heard the question as well.
Jimmy wasn't in the mood for this type of interview and probably should have cancelled it or re-scheduled.   That's on him. 

Cowherd being a radio blowhard is on him. 
My take on it?  I could care less if my coach is great in front of the media and does or doesn't want to do interviews.  We have had two coaches that did a good job on the radio in RR and Hoke but sucked on the field.   I will take a guy that lives and breathes football and doesn't have time for the Cowherd's of the world as long as he puts up W's each week on the field, with the team and during recruiting. 

  • Nik Stauskas got traded to the 76'ers.  Let's hope he gets some minutes with them.   Sacramento is a mess anyway, so going from one mess to another shouldn't be a big deal.   He might get a chance to play with GR3 again if he can stick with them.


Renegade said...

I know this won't be popular here, but Stauskas was drafted way to high. I had said before the draft that he was, at best, a second round pick. Good shooter ... but ... here's hoping he can find a place in the NBA.

Anonymous said...

Cowherd sucks. I sometimes hear him at lunch if I had Mike & Mike on during the drive to work. Being a monologue host, he takes no calls except an occasional taped bad question. I'll go to church to hear preaching. Glad there's Mad Dog Radio on XM!

Scott Winar said...

I like what you said It's on him (Harbaugh), We all love Jimmy, for what he's doing for us, and acts super human ( but is not)...everyone, especially over 53 years old, needs down time to recharge batteries (fact of life). You mentioned he was engaging at tigers, game, well.. the man can not go 24/7... Jim's mistake is he should have beat the interviewer to the punch and ended the interview that now is not a good time, and reschedule it (perhaps). The interviewer took this as a major event for his program, whereas Harbaugh treated it like cutting the lawn after his wife hounded him for days to do so.

Voice of Reason said...

We've seen and heard a number of Jim Harbaugh interviews and we know that he takes his time and he is thoughtful in his responses. He can be playful but he doesn't as a rule appreciate silly and pointless questions. However, I don't blame coach for going on the Cowherd show but he should have at least listen to the program a time or two so he'd know the type of personality that he'd be working with.

In listening to that interview I wasn't impressed with the quality of the questions and I couldn't help but wonder the point of those specific questions and it would have caused me to scratch my head and wonder why ask? These are questions that I would bet he's never asked any other coach. They are what you call Bulls--t Questions. Such as:

"At what time of the day are you the least intense?"
"When are you a push over?"
"What was the first thing that you've changed at Michigan?"
"I didn't think that you'd go to Michigan, what was the day like when you decided?"
"What are realistic expectations?" [Okay this was a good question]
"Is your day different from college to pro hours wise?" [Shhhsssh]
"Like how, basically, you get in early you leave late?" [Really ?!!!]
"Future of the Big Ten, you're at Michigan, Urban Myer at Ohio State, James Franklin, when I look at these coaches I say elite recruiters, elite coaches, I said this yesterday, the Big Ten feels like it's a buy for me. Can you sense, do you have a sense for the conference overall?" [Come on...Really???]
"Season opens September 10th at when do you put in a game plan, how does it work?" [Why would this be different Colin?]
"You're not a rear view mirror guy, doesn't seem like, you kinda forage your way go ...get stuff..." [WTF???!!!]


"You're giving me slow, you're not giving me a ton to work with coach, so I just want to find out something about Jim Harbaugh the human being..." [apparently Colin never did his homework]

[After a Colin rant]


[After another disjointed Cowherd rant, all of a sudden the blame is placed on Harbaugh and then he disconnects Harbaugh before giving him a chance to respond. This is the ultimate in disrespect to a professional interviewee no matter who does it. It says "forget you you're not worth my time."

I'm sorry, if I were another football coach, I would seriously reconsider appearing on the Colin Cowherd show. The host is the one who controls the interview and can "save" or "help" an interviewee if he or see feels that the interviewee may be moving a step or two slow for some reason. The host wants to have the interviewee come through it smelling well. It seems to me that Cowherd dropped the ball. IMHO!!!

Bob said...

Good work here guys! Thanks for making the blog better today!