Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wolverine Wednesday: Jimmy Is Recruiting Europe

In a few months as Michigan head coach, Jimmy has blown through the US looking for talented young men to wear the maize and blue.   He walks the streets of Ann Arbor, shaking hands and kissing babies.   He might even sign a few thousand autographs as well.  

He doesn't sleep and he doesn't stop.  He coached his last game in SF and basically jumped on a plane and headed to Ann Arbor to get to work on another job.   He hasn't stopped working a job where there is something to do 24/7. 

Before the season starts he has decided to take a much deserved vacation with his wife to Paris.  He is tweeting out pictures of buying Diet Coke and eating at a McDonalds.   You can take Jimmy out of Michigan but you can't take Michigan out of Jimmy!  :-)

Enjoy your trip coach and football means something different over there! 

  • Joe Namath thinks that hyperbaric oxygen treatment has helped improve brain trauma that he believes was caused by hard hits during his football career and could help others with brain damage from concussions.

  • Brandon Graham doing a camp for boys and girls in Detroit. 

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