Friday, August 7, 2015

Michigan Friday: Heads Into The Submarine

We just love us some Jimmy right now.  He can't do a regular press conference without making Sportscenter.   If you haven't seen the Milk question, it's pretty good stuff. 

Of course Jimmy didn't give us anything concrete to run with, just that he is excited to get back to football and trying to get better everyday.   This was a pretty good quote:

"Other thing is, very proud to be here today. Very proud to be with our team and have our team here for everybody to see. Just to let you know, we’re going into submarine tomorrow. You won’t hear from us or see us for a while because we’re going to be working. Going to be in a bunker mentality until we decide that we’re not, until we decide to come up to the surface. It’s wonderful being here today and seeing everybody. Hope you understand that. Don’t know, Dave, what you had planed for media for me or the players but we won’t be seeing much of each other.”

See you then coach, get those boys ready for Utah!

Football practice starts today, I'm a little surprised they didn't start a couple days earlier with a Thursday game. 

  • Offensive lineman Chris Fox who did make it on the roster will take a medical scholarship and won't play football any longer.   He will be a student assistant.  Chris has had a ton of injuries while at Michigan and really only saw the field once in his career.  This should free up a scholarship for a walk-on.

  • ESPN's Grantland has a nice Michigan preview on why Michigan might win a few games this year (outside of having one of the best coaches in the country).

  • The #1 TE in the country Isaac Nauta has recently opened up his recruitment after de-committing from FSU.   He is getting a ton of attention as you might expect and the Wolverines are in the mix.  Below is an except for an ESPN article on his official visits and his relationships with the Harbaugh's.  The bold is mine.

    “Right now I have about four in mind and the fifth visit is kind of a wild-card visit. I’d say Georgia, Southern Cal, Michigan and TCU are pretty much the four I have locked in. There’s schools like Oregon, Alabama, Okie State, they are all battling for that fifth official.

    "Really all of those schools, they all kind of have what I’m looking for as far as fan base and they win, they all have a decent education. But really it’s just going to be that gut feeling where, ‘Look, I know this is home, I feel comfortable signing here' and that’s really going to be what separates the schools.”

    Nauta admitted distance from his home in Georgia is something that he has thought about, but family connections to two out-of-state programs have canceled out any of those concerns.
    "We actually have family connections at Michigan because my uncle played for coach [Jim] Harbaugh's dad at Western Michigan. My uncle has known the Harbaugh family for a long time.


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