Monday, August 31, 2015

Michigan Monday: Welcome to Game Week

It's hard to believe we are only days away from a Harbaugh coached Michigan Football game.   Not only is this game week, but its a short game week with the game on Thursday night.   The hype for this game is building as Fox Sports is doing it's best to hype it with a hour 1/2 pre-game special at 7:00 EST.   Fox will also have what they call a khaki cam, a camera dedicated to show Jimmy the entire game.

We still don't know too much about the starters or who is or isn't injured in the Submarine.   Those facts will reveal itself around 8:30 on Thursday night. 

  • Special teams coach John Baxter spoke to the media this weekend and basically said the place kicker will come down to a decision before the game.  Kyle Seychel, Kenny Allen and Andrew David are the 3 guys that could do that role.

  • Michigan was rocking some Journey on Saturday - Don't Stop Believing Wolverines!

  • I was not expecting Illinois to fire Tim Beckman the week before the season, I thought that was coming the week after the season.

  • 5 star CA LB Caleb Kelly will do his official visit to A2 for the UNLV game

  • Instate WR Donnie Corley is waiting to see how the Wolverines use WR's before committing.   His relationship with the Wolverine coaches is getting stronger but MSU seems to be the leader in the clubhouse.

  • Farmington ILB and Michigan commit David Reese had been looking at other schools but is now 100% to Michigan and will work with the staff to enroll in January.

  • OL Jean Delance will do his official to Ann Arbor for the OSU game.

  • QB commit Brandon Peter has jumped up in 247 ratings and is now the 46th rated player in the country.


Scott K said...

We're in the top 5 or 10 for several top recruits and every one of them is waiting to see what the team looks like on the field.

Is it Thursday yet?


Bob said...


Scott K said...

Just Charles Woodson away from game day!