Thursday, August 27, 2015

Michigan Thursday: Iowa Bloggers Weigh In on Rudock

I saw that Iowa's top blog Black Heart Gold Pants did a roundtable and had in interesting question about Michigan's probable starter. (HT Mgoblog) Here are the interesting answers:

Will Iowa fans miss Jake Rudock?

Adam: Not unless Beathard gets injured. Iowa fans saw two full years of Rudock. He’s a known quantity, and it was mostly a substandard quantity. If Rudock outperforms Beathard this year, it’ll likely be more of a referendum on Iowa’s and Michigan’s coaching staffs than on their quarterbacks.
Mike: Do Iowa fans miss James Vandenberg?
Ross: I honestly don’t think so. The only scenarios where I could see a significant portion of Iowa fans pining for Jake’s return are a Beathard injury or an extended run of terrible performances from Beathard. If he just can’t stop turning the ball over and making mental mistakes, I could see Iowa fans longing for the reliability of Rudock. But I think overall people are very excited to see what Beathard can do with the reins full-time.
Matthew: First of all, I’m grateful for Rudock’s time at Iowa. He was the ultimate team player and from what I observed, he gave it his all during his time as a Hawkeye. That being said, no, I don’t think Iowa fans are going to miss him. I think Rudock could have been a suitable quarterback in another system, under another coach, but I think Beathard is the better fit for Iowa’s system now. He gets the ball to his receivers quicker and he has the big play capability that can hopefully make Iowa’s offense look semi-explosive at times. Rudock just didn’t have that. I do wish Jake the best of luck at Michigan, though. If he does win the starting job, I’m sure I will be watching Michigan games a lot closer than I ever have before.
Horace E. Cow: In the sense that Beathard will not solve all of the problems Iowa had on offense last year, yes, there will be some "grass is always greener" pining for Rudock.
hawk6894: Yes. They won’t miss the dump-off passes to the RB on 3rd-and-10 or the numerous receivers running uncovered down the seam, but they will miss some of the consistency and efficiency. Plus, who is going to be the scapegoat now for Iowa’s middling offense? Greg Davis? I don’t think so.
HFMR: Only if he owes them money.
Patrick: Absolutely, because if there’s two things Iowa fans love, it’s a backup quarterback and the guy they let get away. The narrative changes have already begun, and will only get worse if Rudock is successful at Michigan or Beathard struggles. The vitriol directed at Rudock last season, most of it undeserved, will be completely forgotten the second that Beathard checks down to a two-yard out route or throws a horrible interception to the sideline.
PSD: Nope. They’ll tune into to every Michigan game and it’ll be like he never left.
FightForIowa: If they do, they won’t admit it. But I think yes. Having a reliable backup would be comforting, and honestly that guy was pretty good in the clutch. The Nebraska game left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, but he consistently led Iowa on 4th quarter drive to take the lead or tie the game.
Are you old enough to remember Michigan fans wanting the Golden Boy Drew Henson to play over Tom Brady?  That was the good old days!  It sounds like Rudock is who we think he is, a reliable accurate passer.  Who is maybe at times a bit too conservative.  Which Michigan fans will take in a heart beat after Henne left the program.  Let's hope Iowa fans end up missing Rudock like NC State fans missed Russell Wilson.  
  •  LB Caleb Kelly tweets he has set up an official visits to Michigan, ND, Oklahoma and Texas.
BTW: We are now a week away from kick off.  Which is hard to believe!!!


Voice of Reason said...

Rudock is apparently the best available QB that Michigan has going into this season; next year the best QB is yet to be determined. It's not necessary to have a quick score unless you're in a time crunch. I don't have an issue with dump off passes if it moves the ball up the field to score because it keeps the oppositions offense off of the field longer. I'm hoping that with Rudock's experience and the Michigan coaching staff that Roduck will improve exponentially. In any case, Rudock is what Michigan needs "this year." IMHO!!!

Bob said...

I second that VOR!

Scott Winar said...

Voice of Reason: Me three!

Scott K said...

What's awesome is, we got the best coach we could have gotten and he was able to build the staff he wanted, no restraints, financial or otherwise.

now, for the first time in a long while we should feel confident that the best players available are going to play. further because they're being developed, being coached and improving, the best players available might not be the same week to week.

Its time for Michigan football to be MICHIGAN FOOTBALL again!

GO BLUE! 7 days and ticking

Scott Winar said...

Scott K: that! "GO BLUE" & "Jimmy too!"