Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: A Couple Camp Rumors

With the team in lockdown mode, were going to get second and third hand rumors from individuals that have seen practice.   Here are a couple of "camp rumors" spinning right now:

-Shane Morris is the clear #1 QB right now.  Not a huge surprise as Rudock is taking in his first week of practices and has only done 7 on 7 type of activities with the WR's during the summer.  Shane has had all of spring practice.   Shane has a strong arm and looks the part for an early camp evaluation.  The key is experience, protecting the ball and moving the offense and that is where the transfer probably has edge for the future.   I will be more interested in who is the leader at the end of camp vs. the start.  But the news that Shane is looking good, is a positive note for the Wolverines this year.

-True freshman QB Zach Gentry is taking snaps at TE.  Here is why I like this and here is why I don't. 

Like it
- The kid is huge at 6'7 and 230 pounds and the offense needs play makers. 
- Could be a great way to get on the field as a true freshman.
- Playing TE allows him to get more reps and learn the offense.

Why I don't
- QB's need a redshirt year to learn the offense and become a D1 QB.  
- The possibility of injury is much greater
- Can he block?

Of course these are rumors and you can't take them as facts during the first week of camp.  There could also be valid reasons why a QB is stepping in at TE like injuries, etc.   What we do know is Jimmy loves to see guys at other positions.   Brady Pallante went from DL to FB in the spring and did well at the position.  A couple days before Fall Camp Jimmy asks him to move back to DL.  

  • 4 star DT Chris Daniels from Texas visited Ann Arbor and U of M yesterday.  He tweeted out a bunch of photos and saying things like Michigan was his favorite school growing up.   Chris has a ton of offers and might be hard to pull up North, but it sounds like a solid visit on Monday. 

  • Sir Patrick Scott has been named a 2014-15 NCSAA Varsity All-American.


Scott K said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Jim isn't having these kids playing out of position isn't just to challenge them. Having a WR and DB switch positions, or a FB and a LB, giving them a better understanding of the guy they're looking to cover or beat. With the sheer number of QB's on the team, having Gentry taking snaps at TE might be just to keep him active, knowing he's getting a red shirt, he isn't going to be getting snaps under center because he's too far back in the pecking order.. Maybe it's to push the TE's on the roster to work harder.

Jim being Jim, 22 Days to kick off!


Scott Winar said...

Scott K.. like that guy on "laugh in"...very interesting!

Scott K said...