Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wolverine Wednesday: What We Think We Know

Michigan is in the Maize Submarine/Blue September whatever you want to call it.  So all of this is speculation but since we are 8 days away from playing a game (I know - 8 days away!), I think it's time see what we have a week from Thursday.

Here is what I think we know for starters on both sides of the ball:


QB: Jake Rudock, by the time they kick off in a week, this will be a no brainer.

RB: Doesn't Matter - all 3 guys (Green, Isaac and Smith) will play.  I assume Drake Johnson is not ready. 

FB:  Write it in stone: Joe Kerridge 

OL:  Cole-Braden-Glasgow-Kalis-Magnuson.    From the students that attended the scrimmage on Saturday night, these were the starting offensive lineman.  This also confirms what we have heard from the Big Ten Network guys.

WR: Darboh if healthy, with Chesson and Harris.  Perry might be getting a shot as the starting slot receiver.

TE: Jake Butt is the clear #1 and I think Ian Bunting and Kalid Hill will actually sub in.


CB/S:  Lyons and Lewis.  Lyons was seen playing safety in the scrimmage, but my best guess is he starts at a corner position across from Lewis.  We will see Peppers in nickel and at the safety position across from Wilson. 

DL: Doesn't Matter they will continue to sub guys like crazy on the DLine.  Glasgow, Godin, Hurst, Wormley, Henry, Taco and Ojemudia will all play a lot.   With the loss of Mone does that mean Poggi will eventually come back to the Dline?  He is listed on the roster as a TE right now but is behind 3 guys. 

LB: Ross, Morgan and Bolden is pretty much written in stone. 

Offensive Thoughts:  I think Michigan will be better on offense this year as the line takes a huge leap forward and Michigan now has a QB that throws an accurate ball and should limit turnovers from that position.   TE will be a game changer with Butt and Bunting.  The questions marks are at RB and WR.  There is talent at both positions, but who will set up?  If the line is better the RB position better be better.

Defensive Thoughts:  If Michigan can get a pass rush, this unit could be dominating.   It's that simple, as Michigan has talent all over the field on this side of the ball.  The linebackers are talented and have a ton of experience.   The defensive backfield has a great combination of talent, youth and experience.  

Special Teams:  Blake O'Neill the senior transfer will handle the punting duties.   I expect the place kicking duties will come down to Kenny Allen or freshman Andrew David.   Andrew didn't play in the scrimmage, so that might lead you to believe Kenny is the starting place kicker.   Reports have a been a bit all over the board on placekicking, which may make Jimmy gamble on 4th down a little more often. 

I expect some early low scoring games as the Wolverines find their identity on offense.  Win ugly early and then find your stride in the Big Ten season!


Big35Hurt said...

I heard Lyons ran with the 2nd team at safety in the scrimmage. Reports had Stribbling (god I hope not) as the other 1st team CB.

Scott K said...

8 days can't pass fast enough!

DAMN does it feel good to be anticipating the season opener, instead of anxious about it.


Voice of Reason said...

We know that the coaches have stated on more than one occasion that they've rotated players in various positions to 1) see who they have and what they can do, 2) so that the other players will have a better understanding of what other positions in their group is responsible for and 3) to give some of their players a feel for other spots so that if they need to make quick changes and substitutions because of injury or packages that they can do it on the fly without loosing a step.

Plus, I don't believe that we should get caught up in what happened in the open practice because of what I've just mentioned and two, we don't know what the coaches were actually working on. Some players obviously "need" the work particularly in potential new packages or positions. Example, if the freshman kicker Andrew David can consistently nail them from fifty yards then Kenny Allen and the other guy are the ones that needs the work. If Lyons can consistently stick his man in coverage then it's Stribbling that needs the work and so on and so forth.

I'm under the impression that Harbaugh wants to keep Utah guessing until game time and then he'll show his cards, because they don't have a throw away game to get their timing and such down before Utah. IMHO!!!

Scott Winar said...

On my bucket list: I would love to know Harbaugh's reply to someone asking him
How would not wearing "A headset" would affect his coaching abilities, or how important are his communications upstairs through out the game... just would like to here it from a "real coach". Bob, if you have press credentials, maybe a future possibility? (once they surface from their Maize and Blue Submarine... "We all live in a Maize'n Blue submarine..." courtesy of the "Beatles".

dude1984 said...

I expect the defense is going to be good.

On offense I expect them to be good for three reasons:
1. They have experience. They are no longer green.
2. They are actually being coached by really, really good coaches.
3. I love the offense that Harbaugh runs.

Special teams I have no clue.

Bob said...

Great comments all, I did hear that Lyons ran with the 2's in the scrimmage, but my guess is they didn't bring him here to come off the bench, mostly with the Count gone.