Saturday, September 26, 2015

BYU Post Game

Michigan wide receiver Amara Darboh makes a touchdown
David Gurainick/Detroit News

Michigan 31- BYU 0  

It's been a long time since we have run a ranked team out of the Big House.  This team might have been the best team Michigan had faced all year (they are very close to Utah).   This time it was BYU that had to travel a couple time zones and play an early game in the Big House.  

They were not ready for Michigan's power game and whether it was the Wolverines Defense, the Wolverines Offense, the 108,000+ fans, the travel, or it's freshman QB, BYU got dominated in all aspects of the game.  Michigan opened a can in the 1st half and never looked back.   It was old time Michigan Football and it's nice to see it back.

I don't care about zero points in the second half, when your up 31 - 0 it's your job to keep the clock running and to pitch a shut out on defense.

Michigan total yards 448
BYU total yards 105

  • Everything
  • Very good job from the coaches this week
  • D. Smith running the ball
  • Rudock playing his first clean game as a Wolverine
  • Defense pitching a shut out and 105 total yards
  • Darboh for being a new US Citizen, making a one handed catch and a TD!
  • Pass rush was the difference in the game
  • Feeling great on a Saturday after beating a ranked team!
  • Rudock missing a wide open TD on the first play of the game, instead he went to Poggi for a two yard gain.
  • D.Smith's ankle or foot injury - (he said he will play next week)

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, because I know you enjoyed 12:00 - 3:30! 


Big35Hurt said...

Michigan outplays Utah on the road only to lose a close one.
Oregon plays @ Sparty and loses a close one late.
Utah plays @ Oregon and smokes them.
Michigan improving weekly.
Sparty defense has allowed 24,28,21,10 pts vs opponents like WMich, CMich, and Air Force.
I'm liking where this is going......

Scott K said...

I have to say, that's what I was hoping Jake Rudock was going to look like this year. He even looked off defenders on some routes before throwing the ball.

My theory is Jim is picking one thing after each game and pounding on it all week, so that improvement is measured, slow and steady... Its a long season and the biggest challenges are at the end of it. I think the 22 ranking might be a little premature, but if we stay ranked thru the season, it'll prove me wrong.

Maybe this week they're going to work on a strong 2nd half, and not trying to convert a 4th & 16. The look on his face was priceless, in unison he and I both said, "on a 4th and 16?".

Lookin' better, improvement, progress, GO BLUE!

Big35Hurt said...

I don't think the 22 ranking is premature at all. Look at some of those terrible teams still ahead of us. That Utah loss is looking better and better every week too.