Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Strange Days of Chris Clark - Updated

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This is an update to a story I did in September on former Michigan commit and 5 star TE recruit Chris Clark.

Many remember the name Chris Clark from the recruiting updates last year.  He was the top rated TE in the class and was even a Michigan commit for awhile.   His recruitment and now signing has been one of the strangest I can remember.   Here is the timeline for those keeping score a home:

  • March 2014: Chris commits to University of North Carolina
  • April 2014: Chris de-commits from UNC
  • June 2014:  Chris commits to a Brady Hoke lead Michigan Wolverines
  • December 2014:  Hours after Michigan fires Brady Hoke, Chris de-commits from Michigan
  • January 2015:  Chris is down to UCLA and Michigan 
  • February 2015 NSD:  Chris signs with UCLA 
  • August 2015:  Starts camp late due to Mono
  • August 2015:  Media catches Chris getting chewed out by Head Coach Jim Mora for arriving late to practice and with his cell phone in hand. 
  • September 2015: Doesn't travel to face UNLV. 
  • September 21st, 2015:  First day of classes and is no longer enrolled at UCLA

Update:  After a few weeks of recruiting, Clark gets down to two schools; Pitt and Syracuse.  Clark makes a decision for Syracuse and was planning to enroll in January.   Chris had plans to attend the Pitt - Syracuse game this past weekend that came down to the final play and a Pitt win.    Then former Michigan DC and now Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer pulls Clark's offer and will not honor his commitment.  Scott was also the DC for Harbaugh at Stanford for a year. 

Shafer of course can't comment on specific players but he did say on Tuesday the he is looking for recruits who are the right fit for the program.   Not sure what is going on here but Clark's story continues to be a very bizarre one. 

If your keeping score at home he has been committed to North Carolina, Michigan, signed with UCLA and committed to Syracuse as a transfer.   I wonder if Pat Narduzzi is still interested?

Former Wolverines Transfer Update:
  • Justice Hayes has an injury and hasn't played since 10/9 for Southern Mississippi.  To date he has 177 yards on 38 attempts and 2 TD's this season.

  • Dennis Norfleet has 36 carries for 330 yards and 2 TD's for Tuskegee University this year.  He has also missed two games with injury.


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Scott K said...

Wow.... this kid was one of the crown jewels of the recruiting class, now he can't get a scholarship from 'Cuse.

similar to the strange recruiting trail for Chris Barnett in '11.

ScottyDoggs said...

Hope he straightens out and fly's right... lot of young people go thru a period of indecisiveness (including me), hate to see it happening... but hope a finds a home at Pitt, and stays four years...
other than that he becomes a candidate for a remake of the movie "Dazed and Confused"