Thursday, September 24, 2015

Michigan Thursday: Snooze Fest Big Ten Weekend

Thank goodness for Michigan - BYU this weekend as the rest of the Big Ten has poor match-ups.  This type of weekend is why the Big Ten Network was invented. Let's take a look at some of these games:

Maryland at WVU:  Seems like a good game before Maryland got whipped at home by a 1-2 Bowling Green team.  Big 10 vs. Big 12 good scheduling here.

Kansas vs. Rutgers:  Speaking of Big 10 vs. Big 12.   Maybe this could be Charlie Weis old job vs. his future job. 

Southern Miss at Nebraska:  The Cornhuskers are over a 3 TD favorite

Central Michigan at MSU:  No upset this year.  MSU -27

Western Michigan at OSU:  Upset should of happened last weekend.   OSU -31.5

San Diego State at Penn State:  Is that retired NFL lineman still mad at Brady Hoke for leaving SDSU?  Penn State -15

Bowling Green at Purdue:  A solid MAC match-up.  BGSU is actually favored by 1

North Texas at Iowa:  Really?  Iowa -24.5  Isn't North Texas a made up University from a football movie in the 90's where a super model was the kicker?  Does anyone remember this movie?

Ohio at Minnesota:  Careful Gophers, Minny is favored by 10.5

Middle Tennessee at Illinois:  Ill. -6

Hawaii at Wisconsin.  It's a crime that Hawaii ever has to travel anywhere.  They should play 12 home games a year.   Wisky -24.5


Scott K said...

Go Bronco's.... I hope they play osu as tough as they played msu.

Trevor said...

Necessary Roughness is the movie. The made up school was Texas State. And funny thing is, as of a few years ago Texas State actually exists now. A smaller school changed their name.

ScottyDoggs said...

Glasgow a walk-on, top rated line-man... I think of all the five star let-down's Michigan has had... Harbaugh's mini-camps around the country and eye-balling talent has to be superior to the star system. Glasgow is a gamer, kicking butt, and shows some true-grit, whereas five stars flounder a lot. _like that guy nick-named "Flounder on "Animal House")

Scott K said...

fat drunk and stupid is no way to go thru life son.

ScottyDoggs said...

Scott K: I hope you are not referring to me... we all have a right to comment (not just you), I have tried to be nice to you...AS myself, I have not had a thing to drink (alcohol) in 32 years, I just moved (and not in top shape), but in 70's and 80's was a championship powerlifter... I have a verified 160 IQ... retired when I was 37 , have properties in 5 states... (not poor)... Did know Bo, ( MOSTLY THROUH ONE OF HIS BEST FRIENDS), you seem to have a hard-on for me (do not know why). but this is the internet...and I enjoy this blog the best, and what is your problem... did one of the Glasgow's not walk on , is that it? I do not have the time to look it up... be careful, I used to bounce for a rock and roll band in the early eighties, you had mentioned that you went to see Oregon State game ( whatever), look around next time,,, there are over 100,000 fans, and over 100,000's more not watching the are not alone liking Michigan... more people should comment on this Blog, not just you... if Bob says I am annoying then I will quit instantly... you have a mental problem that needs fixing my son!! You were cute one time, and told me to screw myself in Polsih (very cute)... what is your problem? If you want to meet some time to settle this , be my guest!

Scott K said...

oy vey.....

You mentioned Flounder, from Animal house. A classic line from that movie was when the Deltas were in Dean Wormer's office and he looked at Flounder and said,
'fat drunk and stupid is no way to go thru life son'.

I was quoting the movie, in reference to your flounder invocation. That's it, nothing more.

I was at the UNLV game, hope to get back for another later in the year. I don't recall the Polish reference, but it would have likely been a reply or retort.

Your dad can probably whip my dad, since he's 84 years old and in bad health.

I think you've completely flown off the handle for no reason, but that's my opinion. Hope your day gets better from here on.

Go Blue.

ScottyDoggs said...

Scott K. Okay... I guess you could take it two ways I took it the wrong way, such as you did when you told me to screw myself in Polish, I thought you were referring to me (I was wrong), written words can be misconstrued. Your right, I bury the axe ( not that there was one to begin with). Bob has a nice Blog, and I do appreciate what you write, and hope you enjoyed your game, (and many more)... Go blue, Bob, And Harbaugh and you too!(maybe){lol}) ... not necessarily in that order.

Scott K said...

We're good, no biggie.

I seriously don't remember giving you directions in Polish. Not saying I didn't, just don't recall doing so, my bad.

Bob said...

Passion is a good thing! Enjoy the game this weekend boys, we need a win over a ranked team. This is a pivotal game for the Wolverines season, if they want to go to a good bowl game and have 8 to 10 wins.

Trevor great call on the movie! Well done, sir!

Trevor said...

Thank you Bob.