Thursday, September 10, 2015

Michigan Thursday: What To Expect When Your Expecting a Win

It's been a week since Michigan played Utah.  Many of us felt like we had seen that team before.   Yes, they did some things better but not good enough for a win.   So what should we expect during Harbaugh's first game in the Big House?  Here is my best guess:

  • Better blocking from the offensive line - This is where it starts for the Michigan offense, they can pass protect but are struggling with run blocking.   I don't expect Oregon's State defensive line to be as stout as Utah.  If Michigan can't get 150 yards rushing in this game, there is something very very wrong with this unit. 

  • Better QB play:  This position has to improve, Rudock made some great throws and two really bad ones.  He can't not turn over the ball and needs to improve his deep throws.   Unless there is a disaster, I don't expect to see Shane Morris.

  • Better defense against QB runs:  Michigan got killed by a 6'7 QB last Thursday.  This week's game is against a freshman running QB that can really go.   The defense better be ready.  I expect to see more James Ross at LB.  Michigan's effort is on tape from last weekend and expect a ton of QB runs this Saturday.

  • Better coverage from Pep:  He struggled early in coverage and did a great job against the run.  We will need him to provide great run support in this game and shut down the WR.

  • A sleepy OSU team:  A noon kickoff will be difficult for OSU traveling from the West Coast, Michigan will need to take an early lead and keep it.

  • Continued struggles in field goal kicking: This void scares the hell out of me, freshman scholarship kicker Andrew David seems to be 3rd string right now.   This will cost us a game and we might see Jimmy be more aggressive on 4th downs in field goal range.

  • More Butt - enough said

I hope I didn't give too much away from a preview standpoint, but it seems like a long time since we were disappointed again.   Michigan is a two TD+ favorite and will still struggle at times, but what I want to see is week to week improvement which we didn't see the last two years.  


Anthony Sanders said...

Respect all opponents sir!!! A word to the wise

Scott Winar said...

Bob: it sounds like you have to play some Aretha Franklin for this gentlemen!

Scott Winar said...

Dear Tony Sanders: Doe your digestive system handle cellulose?... If so, then 'EAT MY SHORTS"

Scott K said...

yeah, we're playing oregon state, not toledo or appalachian state.

Ok... I do believe those days are behind us, BUT, being a smart ass.......