Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Coach Speak - Jimmy On The Mike

Jimmy had his regular Monday press conference yesterday and did say a couple of interesting things. 

I was hoping you could clarify something you said Saturday about Shane Morris not taking the snap at the end. Did he not take the snap at the end because he’s the No. 2 quarterback and you just didn’t want to put him in that position to take a knee, or because you were hoping that maybe he could redshirt this year?
“Well, if that’s a possibility, I mean, that…yeah, it’s a consideration. Yes. You don’t know how that’s going to play out. You don’t have a crystal ball.”

What have you seen from Tom Strobel from the time he made the position switch [to TE] in spring to seeing game action on Saturday?

“Hmm. Just a real willingness to do whatever the coaches advise. Willingness to want to be on the field and a real gung-ho attitude as far as in that regard.
“He dabbled on the offensive side of the ball in the spring playing tight end, and then we had him at defensive line, and then over the summer and going into training camp we really focused on the defensive line and just recently- just within the last week- he’s come back over to the offense and, uh, you know, not a moment’s hesitation. Just, ‘Hey, Tom, what do you think about this?’ ‘Yeah, anything for the team, coach.’ And he wants to play.”
Injury Updates:
  • Jourdan Lewis’s has a concussion and it's not known when he can return at this point.
  • Chase Winovich, Ty Wheatley Jr., Mike McCray, and Wyatt Shallman are all battling injuries, but some of the guys from the list might be practicing this week.
  • No update on Joe Kerridge's injury. 
Other notes from later in the day:
  • Jimmy got an apology from the Big Ten for the "roughing the kicker call"
  • It seems Jimmy might be holding Peppers on offense for when he needs it later in the season.
Shane needs a redshirt year to learn this system and get another year to work with coach on being a top tier QB.   There of course are rumors that John O'Korn has been looking really good in summer workouts.  Having to pick between those two guys with a couple years of eligibility is a good thing.  Rudock's health will or won't give the Wolverines that decision point.
Can I say, I just love the idea of two way players.   Tom Strobel and Henry Poggi are great examples of guys making a difference on offense.   I've been pleasantly surprised on how much playing time Poggi has been getting at FB/TE.   Don't forget Alabama recruited him a TE, so the kid can play.   I wonder if he can catch?
I hope they keep Jourdan Lewis out against UNLV, they won't need him and his backups need more game experience. 
Does anyone know what is going on with Wayne Lyons?  I expected him to see the field after Lewis went down.   I guess he is just a safety and the coaches aren't interested in him playing CB.  Maybe he has an injury or something. 
  • Michigan is opening at around a 34 point favorite on Saturday.  Michigan will need to get better this week as BYU is no joke right now.  BYU is a noon kick. 

  • Update:  Michigan commit Benjamin St-Juste will be a 2017 recruit.  Michigan now has 22 commits for the 2016 class.


d_ronii said...

I love the way we are taking advantage of these time zone differences and having them play at noon out here. I guess it's equivalent to night games out there. Get any advantage you can have.

Andrew Pierson-Thompson said...

Henry Poggi, glad he's finally playing, but he has been sucking in run blocking.