Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Doctor May I See His Chart?

Dr. Rosen Rosen is here to review the released Michigan Football Team depth chart for the Utah game.  Like many charts, I'm sure this is only one version of the truth:

QB:  Jake Rudock or Shane Morris
RB: De'Veon Smith
FB: Joe Kerridge
TE: Jake Butt
WR Amara Darboh or Drake Harris
WR: Jehu Chesson or Grant Perry
LT: Mason Cole
LG: Ben Braden
C: Graham Glasgow
RG: Kyle Kalis
RT: Eric Magnuson

Dr. Rosen Rosen Analysis:  I think the real information is the starting offensive line, which we have pretty much known since spring practice.   Lots of Running Backs and Wide Receivers will play.  I'm pretty sure Jake Rudock isn't an "or" but a little gamesmanship from Jimmy.

DE: Willie Henry
NT: Ryan Glasgow
DT: Chris Wormley or Matt Goudin
Buck: Mario Ojemudia
ILB: Desmond Morgan
ILB: Joe Bolden
OLB: James Ross
CB: Jourdan Lewis
CB: Channing Stribling
FS: Jarrod Wilson
SS: Jabrill Peppers

Dr. Rosen Rosen Analysis:  A couple surprises on this chart that could or couldn't mean something.  Big Willie is at DE, which seems strange as he has always played on the inside.   Stribling starting at CB is another surprise.  He has always been a guy with a big upside but has always had trouble seeing the field.   When he did see the field he has given up some big plays.    The D-Line will have constant substitutions so all the guys will play.   Stanford transfer Wayne Lyons is the second safety behind Peppers and is an "or" with Dymonte Thomas.    I'm hoping Wayne hasn't been a disappointment in camp or is a little banged up as he has great experience and was hoping he could replace Countess in the lineup. 

  • Jimmy said during his first radio show at Pizza House that the QB's had the best day of Fall Practice on Monday:  "They were the sharpest today," Harbaugh said. "I'll have to go back and look at the film … I'm not sure if a ball hit the ground."  Also a quick review of Utah:  "Utah is powerful and physical. They want to run at you," he said. "They have a quarterback that can throw and run it. He's not scared or afraid to do it. Defensively, they're very proud of it ... it seems like they've got some new guys in the secondary they are pleased with, and they have winning on their side.

    "They've done a fantastic job with that program. They have confidence and belief, a great crowd and environment."
2 Days!!!


Scott Winar said...

My 2 cents worth (actually 1 1/2 ) The disappointing 8+ years has now ended.. were on a trajectory to the top (won't be a straight line.)
My belief is that the downturn started in the later Carr years. I am still stupefied that he played (a terribly hurt) Henne against Ohio State when he had a capable Mallet. Another issue that borders along the "twilight zone" is Carr was talking to the female president and hoping she would ask him if he still wanted to coach... Pardon me, Loyd, your the one with the stone's,(not her)
Hire a coach, then treat him like dirt. Rich Rod made some mistakes himself, but like Rhonda Rousey, Rich Rod proved himself in the field of battle at Arizona.
A cascade of mistakes were made in the last 10 years, a very plausible argument made by MGOBLOG, that Brandon hired a Hoke rather than a Harbaugh, because less waves created and Harbaugh has a dominate personality like Bo...
Michigan has begun to right itself... beginning with Hacket's work (don't forget the wisdom of the college president who hired Hacket/

Scott Winar said...

I left out the fact that I do believe the roster of players was quite barren, when Rich Rod took over.

Scott K said...

agreed ^^^ Ready for some Wolverine Footbaugh!


Big35Hurt said...

Well.....here's what I see and expect....
QB - Rudock's intelligence and ball protection is going to be a HUGE upgrade in itself for the position which pretty much gave games away the last 2 years.
RB- The fact that Smith is listed as the #1 is definitely not a good thing. He has limited burst and doesn't move the pile very well either. Plus he has a slow 1st step. I was REALLY hoping that Isaac would jump up and grab this position because we all know that Green and Smith are not the answer.
WR- Hoping Darboh is healthy enough to play. Excited to see Drake Harris on the field. By the way, I still can't get the image out of my head during the spring game when Cole went to make a block and the CB flattened him.
TE - I sure wish we had 1 more quality TE. I'm not sold on Hill/Williams/Bunting. Butt needs to stay healthy. I think Jimmy really wishes he had another one. I think I heard Wheat is hurt, right?
OL - Well....they can't be worse, right? This is the unit I expect to REALLY take a big step forward this year. this unit more than any other will make or break the season.
DB's - The safety position will really be a strength. I just can't believe that Stribling took such a step forward that he earned the starting spot. he's been pretty terrible every time he was on the field in the past. Seems like Lyons hasn't impressed anyone which is disappointing.
LB's- Will be very good as we all know.
DL- Would sure be nice to see someone take a big step forward as a pass rusher especially since Durkin doesn't like selling out a lot.

Scott K said...

We're just Anthony Carter away!!!!