Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Effort vs. Execution

David Guralnick, Detroit News
My eyes on Thursday showed plenty of effort, just poor execution.   Which is a key trait of a team that isn't used to winning and isn't doing the little things that equal a win vs. a loss.   Things like the drops on 3rd down or the missed long TD's throws.   It seems the players agree with me:

"We definitely beat ourselves," safety Jabrill Peppers said on the "Inside Michigan Football" show that aired Sunday morning. "Me speaking personally, I definitely made a lot of mental mistakes, things we went over constantly in practice. It was kind of demoralizing because we knew what we were supposed to do, we just didn't come out and execute."

"It definitely wasn't an effort thing, it was an execution thing," Butt said. "We're going to learn a lot from this game."

Roster Updates:

  • Freddy Canteen says he will be ready for Oregon State this weekend.  He traveled to Utah, but didn't dress.  The rumor mill is saying he has a arm injury. 

  • Kenny Allen and Dan Liesman received scholarships this week

  • Antonio Whitfield announced he is retiring from football.  Good luck to him in school and after!

  • Drake Johnson is getting healthy and will be evaluated week to week on if he is ready to play

  • Jarrod Wilson is fine and was having some issues breathing in the high altitude

Coach Speak:

  • Jimmy confirmed Grant Perry ran the wrong route on the first pick
  • Helmet stickers are back and Amara Darboh got the most stickers this week
  • Jimmy seemed happy how Rudock saw the field, competed 25 passes, and didn't get sacked

I watched Stanford this weekend to see how a Jimmy offense looks like with players in the system for a few years.  I shouldn't have as they didn't come to play against Northwestern.   BTW: Did anyone notice the noon kick-off and how the west coast team played?

State vs. State this weekend:  Oregon State at Michigan and Oregon at Michigan State on Saturday. 

Michigan is a two TD favorite this weekend.    

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Scott Winar said...

First of all I would like to say that I am (beyond doubt) the best armchair general/coach /player in the world... somehow I lose my powers when I get up to grab something to eat, ect.
Did not two freshman quarter backs have decisive winning outings? (UCLA, BYU)? do not know if any of them were red-shirts or not... but, do UCLA< BYU have to forfeit those games, because they did not process from mother's breast milk, to preschool, pody trained? My lord do not they need two to three years to learn the play book, and it's such a faster game in college? Or is it some players have it, some don't, some never will. To borrow Bob's word (coach speak), might mean the player is not capable to take the field ( not needs to learn new system, or play book). Some have it, others trip on their own feet.