Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Weather or Not - Here Comes Michigan

Michigan as you know will play an 8:00 PM game against Maryland on Saturday night.   There is also a possible tropical storm called Joaquin that could be headed to the College Park area.   I wonder if the back up plan is playing the game earlier in the day or Friday night.   Hopefully a smart media member will ask the Big Ten office this week.

  • Its seems the #1 player in the country Rashan Gary had a positive experience in Ann Arbor this past weekend.  He hasn't spoken to reporters yet but his mom seems to have enjoyed the experience and realizes the power of a Michigan degree.   This could be a Michigan vs. Auburn battle for his services. 

  • Another visitor last weekend was 4 star  CO DE/OLB Carlo Kemp.  This is his second visit to Ann Arbor and he continues to use the word "love" when it comes to the Wolverines.   He is going to visit ND in two weeks and hopes to have a decision sometime after that trip. 

Coach Speak: Jimmy Monday's presser

Best Answer:   "Yeah, he’s gonna be sore. He’ll be working through the soreness" from this question:
You were optimistic about De’Veon’s health the other day. Are you still optimistic? Do you have an updated on De’Veon?

  • Highest rated offensive lineman: Mason Cole
  • Called out WR blocking:  Moe Ways really gaining playing time and Jehu Chesson is the best blocker.
Second best answer:  “I agree with you. I cannot disagree. I concur. I don’t- maybe they didn’t have 4th and 16s in Australia. We’re educating young Blake.  I think you know the question.  :)


Scott K said...

Jim speaks very highly of Chesson, but Darboh is far and away the most targeted WR. Anyone think we'll see #1 on the field anytime soon?

I sure would love to see #1 and #2 out there!

BTW: how sweet was it watching Woodson give the browns faithful the 'Mock' O after that interception Sunday?


Big35Hurt said...

LOL Darboh is NOT getting the #1 anytime soon.

1UM_Fan said...

How realistic is it that they would change the start from 8:00 to earlier? I would love if they did move it to an earlier slot. We're going to the game and am really not looking forward to getting saturated watching them take on the Terps.

Go Blue!