Saturday, September 12, 2015

OSU Post Game - That's A Bit Better

Michigan Wolverines running back De'Veon Smith runs
David Guralnick, Detroit News

Raise your hand if after the Rudock 1st quarter fumble and down 7-0, your first thought was, "Damn here we go again".  I'll assume many of your are honestly raising your hands.   This is the type of game we wanted to see in week one and what we expect from Jimmy and team.   Let's not get too carried away though as Oregon State is very young and re-building.  Yes, they are a PAC 12 team but not a very good one. 

Yes, we needed a win and this was a good one but there is still plenty to work on before BYU comes to town.  UNLV next week shouldn't be much of a challenge. 

  • 126 yards & 3 TD's from D. Smith
  • The offensive line played better, not great but better
  • The Defense gave up 136 yards in the 1st Qtr and a total of 138 for the entire game!
  • For the most part Rudock made good decisions
  • Wormley is going to be an NFL player and not block able
  • I really like the TE combo of Butt and Bunting!
  • The Big House was rocking again!
  • Seeing a coach with passion for the game and arguing bad calls
  • Very poor officiating, the roughing call was 100% wrong and it was a 100% pass interference on Darboh.   Big time officials can't make those mistakes.  Those could have been game changers.   Karma showed up a few plays later on the high punt snap. 
  • The Michigan defense has to figure out how to stop the first drives of the game
  • I really like how Michigan adjusted to the running spread but it still worries me
  • The head injury to Lewis is concerning but hopefully he can be back in two weeks for BYU, they shouldn't need him against UNLV
  • Pep had a poor pass interference call when he didn't turn his head. 
  • Rudock even though he played much better still had two turnovers

Did anyone notice who took the snaps in clean up duty?  I have been calling for a Shane Morris redshirt for 3 years now, maybe we have a coaching staff that will do it (as long as Rudock stays healthy).   Having Shane for two more years after this season would be a good thing.

I also thought our LB play was better and liked the tempo getting in and out of the huddle.  The team did get better from last week and lets hope that continues into the Big Ten season.   

Side Note: Did anyone notice that Michigan's and Jimmy's first win made the Lead on the ESPN's bottom thread.  Not too bad for a un-ranked team beating a re-building PAC 12 team!


Renegade said...

Ok, that felt good. Especially the second half. This is how they should have won this game ... and they did.

Scott K said...

1-1 right now is probably where most would have expected us to be. We were a couple plays away from 2-0, but at least the team showed improvement.

I still imagine we'll end 7-5, maybe 8-4. As long as we continue to improve and lose games because a better team beats us, that's progress.

It will be awesome if the improvement accelerates and we close the season winning games we SHOULDn'T win. As long as we keep getting better and win the ones we should the season will be a success.

Can't wait to be in the Big House Saturday.


1UM_Fan said...

Great win! But I'll be honest. I still have my hand up. Until Rudock starts taking care of the ball better, it will remain there. That being said, I love the way the defense got back on track after Oregon State's opening drive. They were swarming to the ball. And Smith was in beast mode for a majority of his runs. Loved that.