Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wolverine Wednesday: Recruiting Quick Hitters

  • Chris Clark officially got his release from UCLA yesterday.  There is also a "rumor" that UCLA put quite a few exceptions on his transfer possibilities.  Michigan and MSU are rumored to be on the list of schools he won't be able to transfer to.  Again just a rumor.

  • The #1 player in the nation Rashan Gary will take his official visit to Ann Arbor this Saturday for the BYU game.   This is a big deal as some insiders have predicted Michigan might have slipped with Gary recently.   The latest buzz is Rashan is expected to head to the SEC.   We will see and this weekend is huge for the Wolverines chances.   Expect the Wolverines to roll out the "maize carpet" for this kid this weekend.

  • Last weekend's visitor DL Keyshon Camp is good friends with his former teammate and Michigan freshman DE Reuben Jones.  It seems they spent a ton of time together during the visit.  If Gary doesn't go blue look for Camp to get more and more pressure from Michigan to flip from USC.

The Big Ten announced yesterday that starting next season, each school must play at least one Power 5 school in their non-conference schedule.  Schools like Navy, BYU, Cincy and UConn are considered Power 5 even though they are not in a power conference.

  • I have been wondering where Wayne Lyons is?  He is a 5th year Stanford transfer who hasn't seen the field much.  It seems he has struggled with defense communication as the terms are different from Stanford.  The coaches also asked him to switch to Safety in the last two weeks of camp.  He hasn't played Safety since high school.  I hope he can contribute to this team at some point this season.

  • What a deeper break down of the Nike contract?  Check this article out. 

  • BYU NT Travis Tuiloma who got hurt against Nebraska was expected to be out this weekend, may play against Michigan.  Travis is an NFL quality player and would cause the Wolverines issues if he plays.

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