Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Not a Good Day For Steve's at USC and Recruiting Updates

Yesterday, wasn't a great day for Steve's running major football programs named USC.  Steve Sarkisian was fired after reports surfaced he was drunk at practices and during a game against Arizona State.   After being put on medical leave the day before he was fired on Monday. 

The OBC (old ball coach) Steve Spurrier has decided to retire immediately.   His team is 2-4 and he seems like a figure head at this point.   It's strange that he would step down right now but it's clear South Carolina is not preforming. 

Illinois, USC West, USC East, and Maryland are all looking for their next head coach.   We are in week 7 of the season.  

  • There continues to be positive buzz around Kareem Walker and his Michigan visit.  The rumblings out of OSU are that they were not real happy with his A2 visit and they have started to recruit Wisconsin RB commit Antonio Williams.   Kareem was also quoted as saying that Peppers is like a brother to him.   I wouldn't be surprised to see him back on the sideline sometime this year.   (It won't be this week).  People close to him, said that Kareem was impressed by the number of RB's Michigan used during the game.  That he prefers to be in a multiple back system.

  • 4 star DB Lavert Hill continues to visit A2 for games.   He was there last week and is planning on being there again this week.   He had originally planned to visit Tennessee with his friend and teammate Donnie Corley.  Lavert is committed to Penn State and is very much trending towards Michigan.  (as we know his brother is on Michigan's roster)

  • The top ranked kicker in this class happens to be an instate prospect from Rockford in kicker Quinn Nordin.  He is another PSU commit that is looking like a strong candidate to flip to the Wolverines.  He is planning on attending the MSU game.

  • No word yet on four-star FL LB Devin Bush Jr. visit which we are hearing was an un-official, meaning he paid his own way. 

  • Nothing special out of Jimmy's Monday press conference, he did say he expected Channing Stribling would be back in the line up this week.


Scott K said...

I did not know that grumpy was a South Carolina alumni. I'm sure there will be plenty of buzz and rumors about SC making a run at luring him to SC.
I doubt he'll go, but distractions are always nice leading up to the battle for the ‎Paul Bunyan Trophy.

Renegade said...

Just saw Spurrier's press conference. He went out of his way to say he was "resigning" and not "retiring". He's not closing the door on a return somewhere.

Scott K said...


I doubt anything will happen soon, but its fun to know urban is worried about losing a player to us, vs the other way around. love the changing tides.