Monday, October 26, 2015

Michigan Monday: Minnesota Look Ahead and Weekend Catch-up

The Golden Gophers had a week off last week as well.   They are currently 4-3 and haven't played as well as expected this year.  They opened against a good TCU team and played well but then things started to go down hill. 

They have a close win over CSU, beat Kent State 10-7, beat Ohio 27-24, got shutout by Northwestern 27-0, beat lowly Purdue 41-13 and lost to Nebraska 48-25.    Minnesota is still looking for a win over a good team and they will have their sights on the #15 ranked Wolverines on Halloween night. 

The Golden Gophers throw for just under 200 yards a game and rush for 156.  The funny stat of the day is that they give up 23 points a game and score 23 points a game. 

ESPN Power Ranking has the Golden Gophers as #10 in the Big Ten.

Minnesota currently has custody of the "Little Brown Jug" after the Shane Morris concussion gate game last year.   If Michigan doesn't have "Punt Lag" they should be motivated to play the Golden Gophers and are currently a 13.5 point favorite on the road.

  • Michigan Basketball got a 4 star combo guard commit in Jordan Poole on Friday.  Check out UMhoops for the write up!

  • The State of Florida lost two high profile coaches today:  First UCF's George O'Leary is retiring effective immediately after 12 years..  His resume will say that he coached for the last 12 years as the head coach at Oregon.   Al Golden got fired after Miami got embarrassed my Clemson on Saturday afternoon.  Al's was always expected to be the next coach at Penn State, that never happened.    He couldn't get Miami turned around and it was only a matter of time before they let him go.

  • Houston 4 star  DT Jordan Elliott currently has Michigan as his leader and will take his official for the Rutgers game.  Jordan is also playing the Army All American game.

  • Kareem Walker says he is 100% committed to Ohio State.  Lots of time before signing day. 

  • 2016 WR Simeon Smith will be walking on to Michigan next year.  He is 6'6 and 208 pounds.  Yes, folks 6'6! Add some weight a be a DE!

  • RIP Flip Saunders - Didn't know him but had a friend once tell me he ran into Flip at an airport bar and he talked basketball with a complete stranger for an hour.   Seemed like a great guy.


ScottyDoggs said...

To all the folks that offer their respects to Hoke ( do not say Joke)... in their words his recruits help build Harbaugh's team... In that case apply the "law of relativity" to 1969... the victory over Ohio State > half the credit goes to Bump Elliot... even though in 1968 Ohio State scored 50 points on us, with "woody, going for 2 points to make it 50... Woody Hayes was asked "why did you go for 2... He replied "because I could not go for three"... or something like that... Bo had 6 all-American of various ranks on that team... should we credit Elliot with the 1969 win.. with some or your pig du-du logic we should... and as far as Hoke loved Michigan... Hitler loved Germany even more... that kind of did not work out either.

Unknown said...

Off topic a bit, with coaching changes happening and Dantonio close to 60. What are thoughts he closes his career out at MSU or is the thought he will leave?

It would seem with OSU already very good and UM rising that his stock as high now as it will be. I would think if he does not leave after this year he will be a lifer, but I could be wrong.


Renegade said...

Commenters on this and other sites sure seem to have Hoke up their a$$. Hoke came to Michigan and failed. Why do all of you care what the man says. Move on (commenters that is).