Thursday, October 15, 2015

Michigan Thursday: Bo Knows

I was in one of my favorite sports stores this week and was looking through the Nike shirts.   One shirt popped out at me like it wanted me to see it.   It was a Nike T-shirt with the term:  Bo Knows on it.  Of course the original purpose of the shirt is to promote one of the best athletes ever in Bo Jackson.   Michigan fans have another meaning.  Quick story:  Bo Jackson played Michigan in the Sugar Bowl in 1984.  Auburn was ranked #3 and Michigan #8.  Auburn won a close battle 9-7.   I remember reading in the newspaper that Bo Jackson said, during warm-ups that he was laughing at how small the Michigan defense looked.  After the game, he was quoted as saying he was never as sore (after the game) after facing that same Michigan defense.  Funny the things you remember from 1984.  Bo knows had a double meaning that day. 

Bo Schembechler does know what is going on with the Wolverines, in fact he probably had a hand it in.   When you think about where this program has come in 12 months it's hard to imagine that a "coach upstairs" isn't pulling the strings.    This program was a laughing stock with an AD trying to be Jerry Jones and a head coach way over his head.   Michigan was losing games and looking terrible doing it.   How in the world did this perfect storm create what has now become a ranked team and a media darling?  Bo knows. 

I love where this program is trending and all the media talk right now is way too premature.   Michigan by no means has Saturday's game locked up and were far away from a Big Ten undefeated showdown with Ohio State.   If we have learned anything through the RR and Hoke years, it's Michigan plays one game at a time and a media darling today is a  media's dog tomorrow after a loss.  A great example of this was Michigan's loss to Utah.  Everyone was excited about Jimmy's first game, when Michigan lost they didn't re-hit the media's attention until after the win over BYU.    Michigan is getting better week by week and that is all you can ask for at this point.   Bo knows.

Saturday's game is what Big Ten football is all about.  It's two traditional offenses and two strong defenses.  It's a rivalry game where points and yards will come at a premium.   There will be hard hits and only a few points scored.  This is not TCU vs. Baylor, it's what football has been for a 100+ years.  Three yards and a cloud of dust.   Bo knows. 

It seems like it's been a 100 years since Michigan has hosted Michigan State in the Big House.   Devin Gardner never got a chance to lead the Wolverines in the Big House over the Spartans.  I wonder if that would have happened under Bo or Jimmy?   I think you know that answer.    Michigan has something to prove, Saban didn't have a winning record over Michigan at MSU.  Dantonio has won the last 6 out of 7.   He has gladly taken advantage of Michigan down years.   He has recruited well and brought in junior college guys to kick the Wolverine while they were down.   The reason he hasn't taken other jobs, is probably the joy he feels from beating Michigan every year.  Michigan clearly has something to prove on Saturday.   Bo knows.

Many of you are probably wondering, If I bought the shirt and will wear it on Saturday?  Bo knows. 


Scott K said...

I think the Antonio Williams visit to ohio is going to be interesting. What is Urban going to tell him? We will offer you a scholarship, IF Walker decommits. I find it hard to believe urban liar is going to pull Walker's scholarship for Williams if Williams says he wants to commit on the visit.

Maybe he'll take both and pull Weber's scholarship because he blew his ACL. He shit on Weber once, why not again?

Dave A said...

No Williams would get George Hills (de-commit) scholarship. The tough talk is to keep Walker in the fold. 5 Stars are tough to get! Losing one to your rival hurts. Defending National Champs having a few de-commits is interesting adding KK from Harrison who just de-committed from Bama is something add Hayes to that situation, Michigan might not have room. Can this class possibly be 30???

Scott K said...

I love it! I hadn't heard that Hill decommitted. Hill to MSU, Walker to U of M, would that be too much to ask? ha ha ha

Dave A said...

This could be an Epic Class:
31 players maybe some current commit attrition but holy hell in two or three years.

Scott K said...

Gary and Walker would be an unbelievable haul, considering we've been runner up on ever top 20 recruit in the past 10 years, minus Green and he's really not materialized yet.
Throw in any 2 of Davis, hill, kemp or corley and we're easily the #1 class in the nation. WOW! I don't see Corley coming, but anythings possible with a couple more wins!