Thursday, October 22, 2015

Michigan Thursday: Don't Let This Situation Fool You

It's Thursday and the punt story is not going away.  Louisville and it's stripper party didn't even de-rail it.   Now Brady Hoke has chimed in that he wouldn't have punted.  Brady your a good guy,  but  shut the hell up and go mow your lawn.   Your team would have probably been down 21 points at that point in the game.   We have seen you make that same decision before half time, which in turn gives the other team a free Hail Mary.   Your game management skills are not what I would call, fine tuned.  BTW: Stop emailing Pat Haden, they are not interested!

So it's time to give this whole situation some much needed perspective:

  • Michigan had a losing record last year and didn't go to a Bowl Game
  • This is year 1 of Harbaugh
  • This is not our year to make a run for the playoffs
  • Let Sparty have fun with their inferiority complex and wins when Michigan's program has been down.   I hope the champagne is still flowing up there and they continue to pat themselves on the back for being lucky.   Trap game coming!
  •  68–35–5 

This team will not be Harbaugh's best at Michigan.  This year we have a fill in at QB, an offensive line that continues to try to find it's feet, and good but not great wide receivers.   The defense is rock solid but we are not even close on the offensive side of the ball.   Harbaugh put together this offense with duck tape and super glue.  Outside of a transfer QB, this is exactly the same team the Wolverines put on the field last year.   If you look back at OSU's run at the title last year, their toughest game in the last 4 came against Michigan. This team has always had talent, the difference this year is the upgrade in coaching and mostly at the head coach position.  

Michigan will be great again, when Michigan has solid QB play, a dominating offensive line and a couple play makers on the outside.  I will take this years defense any year. 

Sleep well my Michigan friends, the best is yet to come and Sparty knows it. 

  • Due to declining revenues ESPN will layoff 350 people.  The destruction of cable TV is underway.

  • Michael Jordan and Nike is opening a "Jumpman" store in Chicago this weekend. As you know, Michigan will be the first Jordan Jumpman football team next year.


bgris said...

I found your blog right before we hired Harbaugh and this post I loved! I agree with everything you said from the Hoke comments, the Sparty homers and the best is yet to come. Even with the loss on Saturday, it is a GREAT time to be a Michigan fan. Hail and Go Blue!!!!

Bob said...

Thank you Bgris, welcome to the Big House Blog family!

Scott K said...

NO, seriously Brady, shut the hell up!!!!

Dvzk said...

Well said, I work with a to many sparties and not one has had the balls to rub this game in my face. I've been told by one that he's not particularly proud of the win but is relieved. LoL

Voice of Reason said...

Bob, I completely agree. Michigan didn't play it's best game, we made so many mistakes and we still...should have won that game. Sparty gave Michigan EVERYTHING it had and still trailed the entire game. Michigan gave that game away but there is one thing that is true...msu has taken its LAST game from Michigan!!! IMHO!!!